A need for affordable mental health care

When people think about looking after their health and staying healthy; food and exercise normally comes to mind first. I would like to open the door in a friendly relaxed way, stigma free and ask you to think about your general mental health too? Your level of happiness, your level of inner contentment. A lot of people are able to say they are happy and content. But surprisingly 65% of people suffering with severe stress/anxiety or depression wait up to 10 years with debilitating symptoms before seeking any help. The biggest reason people give for not seeking help is cost.

With COVID-19 and social distancing in place some people may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety at this time. Government funding across the globe for mental health treatments has been lowered. In the past 20 years cases of depression have quadrupled. What is the answer? The Mental Health Specialists in the private sector should embrace a community spirit and offer cost effective options for treatment. Cost is the biggest reason people give for not seeking help. We as a caring profession should also work to take away the stigma associated with mental health; both on how the person with depression feels and also how the therapist is viewed by the person seeking treatment. 3% of the worlds population at any one time are receiving treatment for depression.

Mental heath is not something that should be dismissed or thought of lightly. 1 in 5 people at any onetime will experience depression. It is very important for anyone with depression to feel able, to have access and to feel comfortable seeking treatment.

Studies have shown a direct causal link to increased risk of certain illnesses such as diabetes, heart attack and stroke from untreated Depression. Our mental health can indeed affect our overall health.

A lot of people feel anxious about getting help if they are experiencing difficulties. For this reason most people I see have been experiencing anxiety for a very long time before making an appointment. These are some of the reasons people have explained to me and I have given answers below.

  • Some people worry that treatment is very expensive (your first appointment with me is always free of charge). Am also offering all follow up appointments at a reduced rate of €10/hour until the end of the COVID-19 quarantine.
  • Some people worry that appointment times are not flexible enough (you can book your appointment anytime).
  • Some people worry that the clinic is too far away or difficult to find (you can book your appointment online or by phone so you do not need to leave your home).
  • Some people worry that counselling or therapy will not work (you can see the benefits straight away after your first free appointment)
  • Some people worry that there is a possibility of being committed to hospital against their will (this would never happen).

If you or anyone close to you needs help and would benefit from talking to a Mental Health Specialist you can call me anytime at +34 634 35 48 92 or email me at tanya.lacey@gmail.com the first hours appointment is always free of charge and any subsequent follow on appointments will be charged at a reduced rate of 10€/hour during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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