Nutrition: Apples

A miracle in simplicity

An apple contains 191 known chemical compounds and it takes 1,300 chemical reactions within the body to break the apple down into its component molecules.

Food in its natural state like an apple takes only minimal energy to convert into health keeping and maintaining homeostasis within the body.

The molecules of the apple are sent where they are needed. Pectin goes to the large intestine, Vitamin C to the skin, Vitamin A to the retinal of the eyes and so on 191 times.

Your body is connected to Nature. There are 160,000 edible plants on this Earth. They were not put here by us and most are there to help keep you alive.

Your digestive system was designed by God/Divine Being/Mother Nature. Every food plant in Nature is brought to you in a perfect ratio of harmony for your body. It already comes partnered with the other correct molecule perfected for your health: (sodium/potassium, iron/copper, Vit E/Selenium, Zinc/Molybdenum, Vit C/Bio-Flavinoids). Natural Foods all come in correct ratios so our body knows how to respond and utilize the nutrition with less stress to the body. Supplements being artificial can clog up our systems and cause toxicity.

Your body was not designed by Government or by Big Pharma to be fed and healed by artificial substances.

Every Scientist must admit a being far wiser than any human designed and implemented this cycle of perfection this complete nutritional system.

Consider a breakfast time with packet pop tarts, imitation orange juice, white imitation bread. Is this anything close to what your body needs or understands how to digest?? We are designed to live natural lives eating natural foods provided in their purest form from Nature.

Thank you to Dr. David Reuben for supplying the molecule data of Apples and the breakdown within the body.

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