Natural Health – Energy Therapy

Natural health is creating a balanced life that optimizes your vital energies.  Using the Laws of Nature the right conditions can be created so your body can easily:

  1. Stay in balance 
  2. Eliminate toxins
  3. Detoxify and regenerate 

In Natural Health your own vital energy in balance heals your body.

The energy your body uses is divided into three major systems: nutrition, relationship and elimination. 

The Nutrition System is formed mainly by the organs of:

  1. The digestive system and the skin.
  2. The respiratory system (oxygen).
  3. The circulatory system (the blood).
  4. Every cell in our body assimilates nutrients.

The Relationship System is made up of what puts us into contact with the outside world: your movements, conscious will, thinking, perception, senses, emotions and communication.

The Elimination System is responsible for eliminating toxicity from the body and regenerating the tissues and organs. Elimination is needed as the body cannot be healthy if its cells are highly toxic.

We can overload these three systems by:

The nutrition system – by over eating, eating acidifying foods or foods not adapted for our bodies.

The relationship system – by over activity (too much exercise, work, stress) and not enough rest.

The elimination system – by the first two systems using too much energy and not enough is left over for repair and then the tissues accumulate toxins and the organs can degenerate leading to chronic disease.

An example of how Natural Health works: if you have been diagnosed with having a vitamin or mineral deficiency this would be a symptom and we would look to find out the cause  – is it due to malabsorption, deficiencies in the diet or incorrect food combining. Either of these three causes are easy to identify, treat and prevent to stop further health problems.

Taking supplements creates extra stress or energy loss for the body or unnecessary work as they are artificial and not bioavailable. Food contains bioavailable nutrition in all the correct ratios and your body knows exactly how to use it.

We have 300 trillion cells in the body, 50 billion in the brain, we create 10 million blood cells per second and 23 trillion blood cells renew every 30 days. Our body is doing a fantastic job.

Depletion of energy is the main cause of disease, creating excess toxicity in our tissues and organs. Diseases are attempts by the body to heal and detoxify itself, so the disease is a constructive way for the body trying to regain a lost balance.

A person’s state of health is the result of balance and harmony within the three areas above: Nutrition, Relationship and Elimination.

The ways in which we can help or improve the three areas below: Physical, Relational and Psychological.

Within the Physical area – create an energy balance via your food intake, rest, adequate exercise, reduce or remove toxins and increase contact with nature.

Within the relational area – improve your relationships with family, partner, friends and coworkers and actively reduce contact with those that affect you negatively.

Within the psychological area – we can explore:

  1. Any self limiting beliefs
  2. Outlets for Joyful Expression of Self
  3. Acceptance of what cannot be changed and what can be changed. 
  4. Being your true Authentic Self

Book your Natural health consultation today and identify the true causes of your energy losses.

Together we can work on the causes and make corrections to enable your body to be balanced within the three system areas. When your body operates in balance you will start to heal and return to your natural healthy state of being.


Call: Tanya Lacey +34 634 35 48 92 mail:




“The disease is the consequence of a poor diet and an anti-physiological lifestyle.”   Dr. Otto H. Warburg – Nobel Prize in Medicine 1931

“Disease is an attempt of the body to free its cells and circulation system of clogging and toxic materials. It is a desperate body rallying its remaining resources to the task of purgation and restoration.” – Dr. Carrington

  “Every human has a doctor within him, we only have to help him in his work.  The natural forces within each of us are what will cure disease. ”   Hippocrates

“Nature is the great physician and man possesses him in himself.  The art of healing comes from nature, not from the doctor.  The doctor must be nature’s assistant, not his enemy. ”  – Paracelsus, Swiss physician of the 16th century

“If someone seeks health, ask him if he is willing to avoid the causes of disease in the future;  otherwise, refrain from helping him. ”  Socrates

“Diseases do not come to us out of nowhere.  They develop from small daily sins against our nature.  When enough sins have accumulated, diseases will appear suddenly. ”   Hippocrates

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