Detox – What happens?

Lymph swelling from detox, coming off a SAD diet!? (Failure to transition)

So why would your body swell on a raw food diet high in fruit? Your eating healthy right? You must understand that dead food does not promote healing and regenerative detoxification! And a sad diet is more than just dead food, it’s straight-up poison, and clogs up the lymph system (humans sewer system) and damages and clogs up the eliminative organs, that are responsible for removing metabolic waste from the body.

On a high protein diet or sad diet, most likely your lymph system is backed up from head to toe, and lymph has been dormant, and constipated since you popped out of the womb!

If you go from this diet to an all-fruit diet, or a high fruit diet 100% raw overnight, then please understand what your body is going to try to do without hesitation! Your body is going to open the flood gates, and if your lymph nodes are not ready for removing lymph lighting fast, then they could swell, if your kidneys are still clogged up, then you can experience horrible lower back pain, if your colon is very clogged up, and head, then you will experience terrible headaches, if your skin is still very clogged up, you can experience rashes, and dryness and redness, as acids and chemicals, try to escape the body.

It’s up to you, you can jump all in and detox lighting fast, but I hope you understand the detoxification process, and the levels you evoke! Because the body will show no mercy if you choose to put the peddle to the metal, going from one extreme with the wrong diet, to another extreme with the right one!

Fruit is the most energetic electrical food you can eat, and it is the perfect food for humans, however, if your not used to eating raw, and very cleaning astringent foods flooding your system, understand that your natural food (fruit) will show no mercy with cleaning your damaged body, it’s trying to do you a favor.

If you’re not dying on your death bed, then I recommend you chip away, instead of going full blast. Transition first for at least 2-3 month, before you jump into a diet of all fruit. Let your kidneys and bowels eliminate at a level you can handle, because If you don’t have time, and the ability to chill out in your bed, and detox at a high level, your not going to enjoy the process.

At least adopt a raw and cooked plant based diet, coming off a high meat and sad diet for a month, and then a 100% raw food diet high in greens and some avocados, before you jump into all fruit or fruit and green juice.

A fruit diet is something that you want to achieve, because it is a natural human diet, but because you have clogged up your lymph system, and have damaged your body at a high level, you need to earn it, and you may not enjoy it, if your kidneys are not filtering, because of the heavy protein diet damaging them. You don’t want to create the washer/dry effect, and never remove the laundry! You want to gently clean those kidneys, and get rid of the excess mucus,plaques, and undigested fecal matter from the colon at a moderate pace, so you will be able to handle a high energetic detox, that an all fruit diet encourages on a interstitial/cellular level.

If you don’t transition intelligently then you will have to put up with the fatigue, pain, skin rashes, dizziness, head aches, anxiety and depression that can possible occur. This will happen at some level, because this is the reality of detox, and you have to bite the bullet, and serve the karma you created, by damaging your body on the wrong side of chemistry, for way to long!

If your going to go full blast, because you want to get out of chronic pain, I understand, but if you decide to detox at this high level, I highly recommend you support your kidneys with 2 kidney herbal formulas (herbs from cellular botanicals) and you support your bowels and endocrine glands with herbal formulas, that support their functions, and rest and monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar while you eliminate acids, chemicals, and toxins of many forms from your body, via the kidneys, bowels, skin and lung channels.

No when to hold, and no when to fold! If you are detoxing at a high level, and your passing out, then I highly recommend you slow things down, and it’s as easy as having a bowl of steamed veggies to encourage that. When you eat dead foods, you will stop the body temporarily from healing itself, and it’s ok to do this, as a tool when things get to aggressive in detox. Detox is not a race, it’s a transitional lifestyle! Don’t build a religion and obsession on raw foods, when your goal is to heal yourself! You need to earn a optimal diet, and if you want to enjoy the detoxification process, then transition at a level your body can handle, and overtime, you will experience the amazing benefits of a raw food diet based around fruits, berries and melons, and your body will soon adopt back to your natural diet of fruit, and you will be able to eliminate the waste the body wants to get rid off, faster then the blow back, some of you will experience, because your eliminative channels are still way to clogged up to handle it!

Lymph swelling is telling you that you need to detox, just please educate yourself, if your going to jump all in, at a all fruit level regarding detox, because when it comes to eating, this is the most aggressive regarding regenerative detoxification. Understand if you get swollen lymph nodes, edema, and stiffness and hardening in your body, it’s because lymph is moving, but your kidneys are still struggling to eliminate the waste, and your skin may not be sweating effectively, because your thyroid is down, and you have to low of basil tempts to sweat them out effectively. Be patient because the healthier your diet becomes, your glands, organs, and nervous system will become strong, but it’s not a race to get there.

You will heal in time, and you don’t want to rush the process, not informed what detox can create in your body, and then run away from it, back to the problem, and you end up making and suppressing symptoms, and then returning back to detox down the road, because you find out that the modalities outside of it, did noting to solve your problem!

Get back to nature my friends, get back to the diet your biologically designed to eat, tap into your intuitive consciousness, let your instincts guide you, surrender to the present moment, and I promise you my friends you will thrive!

Written by Jonathon RA Stearns AKA the Mangotarian

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