Those of us who were raised on the standard American diet (SAD) are dehydrated. We have been led to believe that drinking water is hydrating. Hydration of the body is a Lymphatic issue. Dehydration is an Acidosis and we must correct that. This is what detoxification does.
Deep tissue detoxification is the removal of toxins, acids and obstructions to the flow of energy which are the physical causes of our diseases and conditions. This enables the regeneration of tissue and the repairing and rebuilding of weak and damaged organs, glands and systems.
If detoxification (cleansing the Lymphatic system) and cellular hydration were as simple as flushing the body with water, we all would have cured our diseases thousands of years ago.

Lymphatic fluid is a lipid-based fluid. Too much acid chemistry (a diet of meat, dairy, grains, starches, cooked foods, processed foods, soda, coffee, alcohol, etc.) and excessive backed-up mucus results in a sticky, gooey, gummed-up, agglomerated, coagulated, plugged-up, lymphatic “fluid.” Therefore, water will not hydrate the cells interstitially (in the spaces between and around the cells).
The body doesn’t want (external) water and must spend time and energy removing the water from the body, robbing it of energy needed to remove toxins.
The adrenal glands control the kidneys providing them with energy to remove acids and toxins from the body. The majority of us have weak adrenal glands, and many are chronic. If you have weak kidneys, you burden them drinking too much water.
You can rebuild all your weak organs and glands via detoxification and taking tissue-specific herbal formulas. Nature provided us with a magnificent variety of herbs for every organ, gland and system in the body.
To hydrate the body we need live, living water with elements in it to remove the rotting, toxic junk inside our lymph, organs and glands. Fruit is the best living water we have available on the planet at this time. It contains living enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and a full range of living nutrients in proper life-enriching balance.

Fruits are the optimal cleansers and scrubbers of the body’s Lymphatic system. Their astringent properties effectively tug and pull on thick, hardened mucus and Lymph. The action of fruit is so much more aggressive; they’re magnetic and more astringent than vegetables and some people mistake that as for being bad for them. It is not. Fruits always expose the body’s weaknesses; they don’t create them.
The higher the energy a food has, the greater healing ability it has. This is why glucose and fructose are essential. These simple sugars are one of the most important factors in encouraging cells to regenerate. Fruits reveal, cleanse and regenerate. The same fruit that can strip you to your core, will heal and rebuild you.
Why does the body retain water? (edema) Holding water is a symptom of Acidosis and dehydration. Water retention is weak kidneys and acid protection (an acidic body protecting itself). The body uses three main antacids to protect itself from acid damage. They are cholesterol, water (edema) and calcium (it pulls from bone).
If you are thirsty and feel the need to drink water an alkaline water is okay, but don’t drink anything over 8 -8.5 pH. It is too alkaline.
You have to be careful about creating Alkalosis drinking 9.5 pH water (Kangen water). You may see good results initially, but that doesn’t mean you are not setting yourself up for some serious problems in the long term. Blood is only 7.4 pH and when you run that blood too alkaline, you’re going to get Alkalosis.
You should be getting your water from fresh ripe, fruits, berries, melons, raw greens and vegetables and powerful, healing herbal teas. Those who consume our species-specific diet seldom drink any water.

Karen Lee

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