Natural Detox

The brain and nervous centers of the body contain the highest energetic or electrical tissues we have. We find that fruits have the highest electrical energy of all the foods. Volt-ohm meters and electromagnetic meters can measure this energy.

My own clinical studies have shown that fruits will regenerate brain and nerve tissue, whereas vegetables will not.

I have found that, as a rule, fruits are brain and nerve foods as well as cleansers of tissue.

Vegetables are the builders which are suited for muscle and skeletal tissue.

Nuts and seeds are structural foods and are strengthening to the body as a whole.” – Robert Morse, ND

So, what’s the difference? Regeneration requires energy, but not the kind that is measured by calories.

The higher the energy a food has, the greater healing ability it has. Fruits are full of energy the body needs. Deep healing requires a LOT of it. These simple sugars are one of the most important factors in encouraging cells to regenerate. They are also cleansing and hydrating down to the cellular level.

The difference between fruits and vegetables is the word ‘astringent’. Astringent means, ‘I’m going to pull more aggressively on your lymphatic system.’ That’s why fruits are the king of detoxification.

Fruit WILL make your weaknesses stand up and let you know they are there. Fruit is active and powerful, much more so than vegetables.

The action of fruit is so much more aggressive. They’re more magnetic and they’re more astringent. People mistake that for being bad for them.

We receive no benefit from eating foods which we are not physiologically or biologically suited. These toxic foods only add to the burden on the body.

Meat, dairy and eggs can sometimes be used to suppress healing symptoms, just like taking a Vitamin C tablet can stop a cold healing event, but that is not a benefit. That is poisoning the body to stop the body from healing itself.” -Lauren Whiteman

  1. Clean out your body’s gigantic sewer system: aka lymphatic system / lipid carrier system / immune system / lubricating system with fruits. Use greens to ground. For some, this can take up to a decade and even longer depending on many factors.
  2. Later, rebuild by adding vegetables, nuts and seeds. There is a time for cleaning out and a time for rebuilding.

For those who worry about losing too much weight (until they have corrected the source of this problem: malabsorption) you can alternate between both. Weight is not a sign of health, but being too thin scares some people.

Written by Karen Lee

Alkaline forming foods are cool and soothe inflamed tissues, heal ulceration and enhance cellular functions. These foods leave mainly calcium, Magnesium, sodium and potassium ash after they have been digested , yielding mainly an alkaline reaction and condition. The Human is predominantly an alkaline species. Most of our bodily fluids are (or should be alkaline including the blood ,saliva ,urine ,synovial fluids ,cerebral fluids and digestive enzymes (except in the stomach). If these fluids become acidic, deterioration and cellular death can result. There is one acid chamber of the body the stomach , where protein s is broken down to amino acids. Alkalization is the key to your success at regenerating yourself and getting healthy . Acidosis equals pain , swelling and inflammation.

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