The Truth about Sugar


It’s not how much sugar is in a food. It’s what kind of sugar is in a food.

All sugar is NOT the same.

Every cell in the body requires sugar. Sugar = carbon. That is why we call foods high in sugar carbo-hy-drates (carbon chain constituents). Carbon is essential, UP OVER fats and proteins (amino acids).

Each cell must have:

(1.) sufficient oxygen and fructose/glucose to convert the simple sugar into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (pure ENERGY for the life processes of the cell) through aerobic oxidation, and

(2.) a delicately balanced distribution of sodium (NOT salt) and potassium in and around the cells which must be maintained at all times.

Fruits’ magnetic (electrical) ENERGY is the highest of all foods, making them superior brain and nerve foods. They will bring ENERGY to the body, where most other foods take it away.

“We’re meant for simple sugars, but complex sugars we are not. We’re meant for simple fatty acids, but fats we are not. We are meant for amino acids, but proteins we are not. If you follow that line and understand that complex nutrition is not designed for homo sapiens…nor most species, in actuality. Simplicity in digestion and absorption is key. Bottom line to most functions of the cell is ENERGY.” – Dr. Robert Morse

“The magnetic electrical research field will come to prove that the human body is an electrical being and our health (strength and endurance) depends on the ENERGY currents which run through the body.” – George S. White, M.D.

To remove the physical obstructions to the possible infinite flow of energy within your body, you will must clean out your lymphatic system…the system where most of man’s suffering lies. Fruits, berries and melons are the optimal cleansers and scrubbers of the body’s lymphatic system.

Fruits are higher in antioxidants and astringents and will move your lymphatic system far better than vegetables. This is why you see a lymphatic response when fruit is consumed. This is what you want to see.

Fruits, also being a simple sugar, are superior for diabetics, pancreatitis, hepatitis, and all other gastric and intestinal conditions. Fructose is not broken down into glucose. It absorbs directly into the bloodstream ready to be used. Fructose does not require insulin or extensive digestive enzymes. It needs no conversion.

Bread, potatoes, pasta and flours are complex carbohydrates: long chains of carbon that leave behind “sugar leftovers” because the body is unable to metabolize these structures properly. The body breaks down a few of the sugar bonds quickly creating a huge spike in blood sugar and the remaining undigested complex sugars ferment, feeding candida and other parasites. These are complex, long chain sugars: simply too much sugar.

Starches do not digest cleanly or burn efficiently, leaving residue for fermentation. They are acidic and inflammatory. Acids are on the corrosive side of chemistry. They break down tissues and destroy cells. They create inflammation and dehydrate the body. Just because you can sustain on them doesn’t mean they are healthy for you.

Starches require insulin to enter a cell, whereas a simple sugar does not. Fruit is a simple sugar. Simple sugars enter your cells by diffusion.

The body is not meant for complex sugars (starches), complex carbohydrates, processed foods full of chemicals, toxins, refined and processed sugars (like corn syrup, which in no way resembles a simple sugar). It has been so processed and concentrated it is poison and unrecognizable to the body.

Simplicity in digestion and absorption is key. Simple sugars such as fructose and glucose found in fresh, raw, ripe fruits, berries, melons, greens and vegetables are what the body requires if it is to thrive.

Don’t be afraid of fruit sugar – EVER!!

Karen Lee

pH means Potential (or power of) Hydrogen.
In the gut, FRUIT turns into molecular hydrogen.
Hydrogen makes the body (cells) rise and lack of hydrogen makes the body fall.
“Hydrogen is what builds DNA ladders that link us into higher stargates.” Ireland Clark

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