When the human body is hungry, it eats itself, it does a cleansing process, removing all sick cells, cancer, aging cells and Alzheimer. Keeping young and fighting diabetes. Creating special proteins that only form under certain circumstances. And when they are done, the organism selectively gathers around dead cancerous cells, dissolves them and restores the state the body benefits from. This is what recycling looks like. Scientists have achieved through long and specialized research that the process of autophagy requires unusual conditions that force the organism to do this process. These circumstances require a person to abstain from eating and drinking for 16 hours (Cycle 8/16). Human should function normally during this period. This process should be repeated for some time in order to reach the organism for maximum use and prevent sick cells from reacting. It is recommended to repeat the hunger and thirst process two to three days a week. Yoshinori Ohsumi – Nobel prize winner in the field of physiology and medicine .

Fasting frees up bandwidth, energy, for the body to utilize in its self-healing efforts. Some researchers have speculated that the body could heal itself from virtually all types and degrees of damage, if it was given sufficient energy.

The healing that occurs during a fast is directed in an orderly fashion by the body, from most recent to most ancient. Longstanding issues such as chronic conditions or old injuries will not be the first to be addressed, and often require longer fasts in order to be overcome. At the same time, the body also follows a directive that instructs the body to heal itself in a fashion that requires the least effort by the body, while simultaneously incurring the least possible damage upon itself. This triage is going on continuously, allowing the body to run all bodily processes while also healing itself in the most efficient and effective of all possible fashions. To the degree that the body possibly can heal itself, it is during a fast that the body is most likely to recover from all that ails it. ~ Dr. Douglas N. Graham

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