Simple and Natural

Real food is very hard to find. Most supermarket produce is denatured and not very nutritious. Packaged, refined, artificial, fake food processes remove most of the healthful bio available nutrients.

When you eat fresh natural real food you will want to eat less and your body will not have so many chemical toxins to expel via the skin (sweat glands). You will be cleaner inside and out and you will have less or no need of deodorants, shower gels, shampoos or any of these synthetic chemical products. These products are another toxic load as they enter the skin transdermally creating more waste that the body needs to expel. This is when we develop medical problems.

We all have a tipping point where there is too much waste coming in and not enough energy to remove.

Give your body less work to do and keep your food, life and body products simple and natural.

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