Food Combining

The most underutilized and “slept on science” in health is proper food combinations.

The pancreas is responsible for putting out enzymes that break down our food. However, not all enzymes are created equal. In other words, the enzymes needed to break down an apple is different than the enzymes needed to break down flesh. When we combine foods, it confuses the body, which will manifest into an unhealthy gut.

We are the only animals on earth that combine food. There is no lion eating a gazelle, with rice on the side.

There are two terms you need to have an understanding of:

  1. Fermentation
  2. Putrefaction

Both of these terms mean decaying or rotting. Fermentation has to do with the decaying of sugar, and putrefaction has to do with the decaying of protein. Both processes will lead to parasites, bad bacteria, and candida.

The 3 Food Combination Rules:

  1. Always eat your fruit alone (unless dried like raisins).
  2. Don’t mix protein with starches.
  3. Greens can go with both protein or starches.

I don’t know who came up with the fruit salad, but it’s pretty ignorant. If a gorilla comes across a banana tree, it’s eating a ton of bananas—it’s not mixing with blueberries.

Never mix your fruit (unless emulsified aka predigested. IE – a smoothie), especially melons. Melons are so light and soft, they slip right into your intestines from the stomach. But if you block the passage-way with another food, you’re going to ferment that melon in your stomach. All you have to do is scan Facebook or Instagram, and you will see “health gurus” posting pictures of fruit salads with melons mixed with other foods.

What else happens during fermentation? Yep, it creates alcohol. Robert Morse, ND, told a story in class about a guy who ate oatmeal and watermelon as he was rushing to get to his destination. He got pulled over for speeding and was arrested for a DUI because his alcohol level was too high. That’s because the body went for the melons, leaving the oatmeal behind to turn into alcohol. Beer is fermented grains, right?

As for putrefaction, starches are long chains of carbon, such as potatoes, breads, or grains. Protein and carbs require their own specific digestive ferment, or enzymes. Being that your body wants sugar (carbon), it’s going to digest that first. That leaves the flesh left behind to rot or putrefy. It’s very similar to road kill.

Note: Knowing this information, isn’t it eye opening that the world is obsessed with sandwiches, burgers, and pizza? All three “foods” are starches mixed with protein. Food for thought.

When we detox someone, the first thing we do is deworm them. Get inside that gut with certain fruits and herbs to get those unwanted organisms out. Once that is done, then we can start correcting the acidic environment. You see, without the presence of material to embed themselves in, many intestinal parasites will not be able to thrive.

  • Dr. Kevin Reese

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