Every once in a while I am confronted by someone who believes their disease or condition is so unique, so advanced or so severe, that no one can tell them anything about it that they don’t already know. They believe they are so well educated, know everything about it there is to know and have accepted the belief (because they have been told by someone) that it is incurable.

Well, I am here to tell you that nothing is incurable. Symptoms exist. Diseases do not. All disease is systemic. Detoxification dispels the myth of disease. When the body heals itself, it doesn’t just heal one thing, it heals everything gradually over time.

When I suggest a deep tissue detoxification protocol to heal, they tell me that “there is no way in he** that their disease or condition could EVER be cured by a change in diet!” Some snicker or even laugh at the notion that the solution to their issues could be so simple. When, in fact, truth is found in simplicity.

More often than not, they are dismissing something they know nothing about. The focus here isn’t so much about nutrition, as what you must eliminate from the body in order to heal and regenerate. For most people, its not about what they have been told they must add to their diet: it’s about what they must remove.

When you slice your finger with a knife, the cut will bleed and hurt, but after cleaning it out and maybe adding some antibiotic ointment, it is healed within a few days. Healing happens the same way on the inside of your body. Just because you cannot see it happening, doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

The fact is, as humans we are all the same. We all have approximately 100 trillion cells and two major fluids: blood and lymphatic fluid. The only differences in our bodies are our levels of lymphatic constipation (toxicity and over-acidity) and our glandular weaknesses and their levels of degeneration. Our diseases and conditions = toxicity and an overly acidic condition…your lymphatic system (3 pH) not the blood (7.35-7.45 pH), and malfunctioning organs and glands in various stages of degeneration. All can be healed and regenerated.

The origin of our pain and inflammation is acids. Acids are hot and burn. Our pain, inflammation, diseases and conditions involve a back up of stagnant acids: systemic acidosis (chronic lymphatic constipation). The only way to remove this toxic sewage out of the body is to detoxify. I don’t mean for a few days or a week or a month. It can take years to clean out your body’s lymphatic system to remove the back up of molds, fungus, worms, flukes, viruses, spirochetes, cysts, tumors, microbial infestations, bacteria overloads, protozoas, metals, toxins, over-the-counter and Rx chemical meds, sulfur, unused minerals, artificial vitamins, excess unused proteins, mucoid plaque, gases and toxic metabolic wastes, dying body cells, etc., etc., …obstructions that prevent healing from naturally occurring. And this is just the physical side of detox. You will detox all your bodies. Emotional detox is the most difficult part of healing for many.

As you move out this backup of toxic waste, your body will gradually heal and regenerate, rebuilding all your body’s weaknesses. Detoxification corrects all the body’s natural processes: digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination.

Deep tissue detoxification isn’t so much about nutrition coming in which supposedly strengthens the body…though consuming REAL food in its raw, natural, unadulterated state is what the body requires. Most people aren’t properly digesting, absorbing or utilizing their nutrients as it is. It’s more about getting rid of that which weakens it.

Detoxification isn’t just a cleansing experience; it is a rebuilding one as well. It’s not just about eliminating backed up digestive waste. It is about cleaning out (your sewer system) backed up cellular (lymphatic) waste. Add to that, we inherit a compromised lymphatic system at birth.

Chemical medications and treatments are acids that do further damage. They suppress symptoms, bury the toxins deeper into the tissues (only to emerge again later) and can never truly heal properly if at all, because they do not address the cause.

Diseases and conditions cease to exist and regeneration is possible when you clean the terrain. It’s not about the germs or the spirochetes or the bacteria. It never was. It’s about the culturing medium: the terrain.

Karen Lee

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