Detox Symptoms or The Healing Crisis

The most misunderstood part of regenerative detoxification is the healing crisis. No one wants to talk about detox symptoms or the healing crisis because they fear it may frighten some people. However, they must be discussed because healing naturally is not always symptom free.

Symptom disorders (diseases and conditions) are created from lymphatic congestion: acids and mucus from meat and dairy products, refined sugars, complex bonded chemistry, refined sugars and foreign proteins, chemicals and neurotoxins from jabs, drugs, food addictions, pesticides, herbicides, hygiene products, chemical household products, metals from cookware, teeth fillings, chemical off-gassing from carpets, paint, furniture, industrial pollution, etc.

A healing crisis will occur as congestion (mucus, chemicals, etc.) is being released. A healing crisis may also arise in the strengthening and healing of your weaknesses. They are not to be feared.

When eating a raw, high fruit, plant-based diet and eliminating foods which are acid-forming and mucus forming, your body automatically goes into a cleansing (detox) mode. It begins a natural process of removing deeply impacted lymph stagnation from the organs, glands, tissues, bowel wall, lungs, etc. This is how it cleans out the body’s sewer system, your Lymphatic system.

It’s a given that when you are removing acids and toxic waste from the body, they can result in symptoms on the way out. You may experience symptoms at different times along the way, and this is NORMAL.

When we are detoxing and not yet 100% sure that what we’re doing is the right thing, if we have any doubts about the process and whether or not we are doing it correctly (especially if we cheat and start eating acid-forming foods), we are likely to experience even more fear and anxiety when symptoms arise. We can actually create our own healing crises if our body’s elimination channels are closed. This is why education is so important.

Detox symptoms for most people are more like cold and flu symptoms. Those who are the sickest (chronically ill or diseased) are most often those who may experience the strongest symptoms.

The duration of symptoms can be hours, days or weeks and vary from one person to the next. However, THEY WILL PASS because it’s how the body naturally heals and regenerates. There are many natural healing modalities that can provide symptom relief during these temporary times.

If your symptoms become too difficult to manage you can either slow down your detox (consuming heavier foods like raw or steamed veggies) or push right through. The choice is up to you.

There are a wide range of natural healing therapies that are a great accompaniment to a deep tissue, full body detoxification protocol. These include (but are not limited to) acupuncture and acupressure, bioelectromagnetics, aromatherapy/essential oils, chiropractic and kinesiology, colon therapy, color therapy, flower essences, gem stone therapy, herbology, homeopathy, hydrotherapy (kneipp therapy and other forms), iridology, massage and reflexology, naprapathy and polarity therapy and naturopathy.

Detoxification is an individualized experience because we all have different obstructions to remove, levels of lymph stagnation, individual inherited organs and glands with varying levels of degeneration, amounts of weak, dying and dead cells to dispose of, etc.

Never be afraid of detox symptoms. They should be a welcome relief, because they are proof the body is cleaning and regenerating and doing its job. In the case of most symptoms you wait until they pass because they are caused by the self-cleansing of the body. It requires time to eliminate the toxic material that has been retained in it. Act with reason and don’t allow fear to prevail.

Remember, you cannot get worse on a raw food diet. If you do get worse (cancer, mainly) you’re not cleaning deep enough or you’re simply too advanced to survive this planet. Your body is always working FOR you and not against you. It is always working to protect your precious cells.

Pay attention to your body and what it is saying to you. Are you really giving it everything to deep cleanse the toxins out of your body?

Attitude, attitude! Be proud of what you’re doing even when you fail, because you will try again and keep going until you get your body healthy.

Vibrant health takes time, but don’t kid yourself. You need to move the cellular waste and fruits, berries and melons are the secret to moving lymph.

A healing crisis may be mild, moderate or strong.

Listed below are some examples that have been observed and recorded:


Cold and flu symptoms
Sore throat
Low grade fever 99-100 ° Fahrenheit
Coughing with ornithosis discharge
Clear and yellow mucus discharge from nose to throat
Minor aches and pains
Mucus in the stools
Mucus in urine
Acid Reflux
Loss of energy (may go up and down)
Rashes and itching
Disease symptoms increasing temporarily
Mucus from the eyes
Ear ringing
Puffy eyes
Burning sensations
Mild headaches
Eye floaters
Poor memory
Appetite loss
Body odor
Anal itching
Minor blurred vision
Minor vertigo
Weight loss
Emotional feelings rising up, such as mild crying, anger or even laughter
Short term nose bleeds
Some rectal bleeding
Sneezing and coughing
Tearing, puffy eyes, pink eye
Tumor expulsion
Minor blood in urine and stools
Vaginal discharge
Vaginal itch


Symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia
Heavy discharge of green to brown mucus from the nose and throat
Coughing up mucus from lungs
Pain and swelling in joints
Heavy discharge from the kidneys (urine color changes to brown, orange or dark yellow)
Pain in old injuries or in degenerative areas of the body
Minor paralysis of limbs
Chronic fatigue symptoms
Spasm of the lungs in asthma/emphysema
Moderate shortness of breath
Temporary increase in tumor size
Disease symptoms magnifying
Sores appearing on the skin
Oozing from the skin, including hands and feet
Bleeding gums
Weak muscle breakdown
Heavy mucus discharge from the eyes and ears
Dizziness or vertigo
Minor heart palpitations
Hair loss
Minor abscesses in the mouth
Mouth ulcerations or sores
High grade fever 103/105° Fahrenheit
Deep coughing
Emotional releasing crying, anger, laughter
Heavy thoughts, lack of clarity
Different reality
Skin splitting where heavy toxins exist
Excessive itching
Mercury tooth fillings can be pushed out by the body
Rectal bleeding from past or present hemorrhoids or lesions


Paralysis of any part of the body
Black mucus discharge from the lungs
Heavy brown discharge or blood in the urine with associated kidney pain
Heavy black discharge from the bowels with diarrhea
Tumors popping out all over the body
Loss of sight
Loss of hearing
Severe dizziness
Severe fatigue
Abscesses developing all through the mouth
Loss of fingernails or toenails
Excessive weight loss
Severe shortness of breath
Temporary deep depression
Mental confusion
Skin cracking open
Teeth becoming loose (DON’T have them removed!)

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