Pain is not health

“What is pain? Why do we experience pain in localized areas in our bodies?

Pain is acids… pain is caused by high protein foods… pain is dairy… pain is animal products… pain is wheat… pain is processed, fast food… pain is complex, foreign chemistry.

Pain is a warning signal from nature. Pain is telling. Pain is dehydration.

We can counteract our pain over time by introducing alkaline, hydrating chemistry, by returning to the foods our bodies recognize as correct fuel.

Believe it or not, we humans were designed to ingest specific types of foods for optimal health. When we eat less than optimal foods, the body must invoke mucus, acids, etc., to counteract and break down the foreign chemistry. When we continually bring in less than optimal foods… over time, disease manifests as a warning signal to change now or pay the price.

Pain is always reflecting the buildup of proteins or acids in the body; that’s all it’s reflecting.” – Robert Morse, ND

I spent many years in horrific (comparable stage 4 cancer) pain. I am very familiar with pain. I learned to embrace it and came to realize it had a rhythm of its own. It was so strong that if it hit me all at once, it would have killed me. I learned that to survive, I had to go with the flow of the pain.

Many specialists over several years had me on dozens of pharmaceutical drugs. I spent endless hours waiting in line at drug store counters for Rx refills. Years passed, but my symptoms only multiplied and the pain increased, which led to more tests, more diagnoses, more treatments and more drugs. However, I never owned my diseases, nor would I settle for living with them.

A disease is a label given to a set of symptoms to legally treat the patient with chemical medications and other often harmful treatments. Treating symptoms never cures because it doesn’t address the causes. I have learned from my own experience cleaning out my body’s lymphatic system and reversing my diseases and conditions, that all disease is SYSTEMIC. Symptoms exist. Diseases do not. Detoxifcation dispels the myth of disease.

Drugs are a for-profit scheme to keep you hooked and coming back for more. Chemicals are toxins in the body. They aren’t created nor intended to cure anything. They can only suppress, regulate and bury symptoms. Alongside cancer and heart disease, our present healthcare system is the third leading cause of death in this country and one day will be remembered as cruel and barbaric.

Chemo, radiation and vaccines are their top money makers and the biggest killers. Research the history of Rockefeller medicine and you will learn why pharmaceuticals are the cornerstone of “modern” medicine. It has nothing to do with health, and everything to do with profit.

I reached a point where my body, mind and soul would not allow me to continue the low dose poison of toxic chemical drugs, injections, treatments and surgeries that I was told were necessary. I prayed and researched tenatiously for many months online, had a few detours and then prayed some more. Eventually, I was led to discover the causes of my pain, inflammation, diseases and conditions and how to reverse them.

I healed the incurable and autoimmune diseases and conditions I suffered with (one for 14 years) as well as many other chronic conditions. I am a work in progress, still visibly removing the acids, toxins and obstructions in my body that created the painful symptoms. I am changing the way I think and setting boundaries. Physical detoxification brings to the surface negative emotions that have been buried deep in the body for decades. They may be felt, and should be observed as they are released.

Never own your disease! Never allow it to become your identity. Once you take responsibility for your own health as well as everything in your life, you will begin to heal.

Remember, there is no such thing as an incurable disease…only incurable people.

Karen Lee

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