Hunza: Heaven on Earth

Hunza, known as “Heaven on Earth” is a beautiful, scenic, fertile valley surrounded by several high mountain peaks in Northern Pakistan. The environment in which the people live has an extremely rough terrain.

The villages are incredibly isolated and built into the cliffside. Some villages are more than 1,000 years old. The Hunza people have no choice but to navigate the rough passages and steep ridges. Yet, they are said to have a certain passion and zest for life and are some of the healthiest and happiest people in the world.

The secluded Hunza people almost never get sick, look young and survive longer than anyone on Earth. They live over 90 years (with a life expectancy of 100 yrs. and exceeding 120 yrs.) without suffering from chronic diseases.

It is interesting to note that many of the people of Hunza Valley, in contrast to the neighboring peoples, look very similar to Europeans (fair skinned with blue or green eyes).

Hunza people consume almost no protein. They eat approximately 1,900 calories every day, 50 grams of protein, 36 grams of fat, and 365 grams of carbs. On top of that, 99% of the people in Hunza are vegetarian. They also practice the ritual of fasting at least twice a week, consuming only apricot juice during that time.

Hunzas bathe in ice water, even at a temperature of 15 degrees below zero and dance and play games at a hundred years old. 40 year old women are said to look like girls, at 60 they have a harmonious and perfect figure, and at 65 they give birth to children.

In the Summer they eat raw fruits and vegetables, and in the Winter sun-dried apricots, sprouted grains, and sheep’s cheese.

There is a time of year when the fruit is not yet ripe and they call this period “Hungry Spring.” It lasts from two to four months.

During these months they eat almost nothing, only drink a drink made from dried apricots once a day. This fast is raised as a spiritual tradition among them and is strictly followed and respected.

R. Bircher, in his book, “The Hunza – A People Who Do Not Know Diseases” emphasizes the following very significant advantages of the model power in this country:

– The food model is vegetarian.

– The diet is dominated by fruits and vegetables.

– They consume lots of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

– Natural products, without any application of chemistry, are prepared while preserving all biologically valuable substances.

– Alcohol and sweets are rarely consumed.

– Their protein intake (mostly from plant sources) is low.

– Zero percent use of processed sugars or refined carbohydrates.

– Food is grown in their native soil on family land.

– They observe a regular period of fasting.

Other factors that contribute to healthy aging should be added, however, the way of eating here is undoubtedly of great importance.

The key takeaway from this is, of course, their diet and the exercise they get. The fresh mountain air they enjoy plays a vital role in their health. They do not consume processed foods and their farming is naturally organic. Thank you Luka Hinic 🌺🌷

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