5G Frequency & Health

Comment from Dan Fasciani that I believe is originally part of Lauren Whiteman’s post on 5g. No matter where its from it really hit the nail on the head and thought it deserved sharing. Thanks Dan and Lauren

“Frequency describes how often a wave makes a complete cycle in a given period of time. The greater the frequency of a wave, the shorter the distance, or wavelength, between each wave cycle. The amplitude of a wave describes its strength. For example, a bright light has a higher amplitude than a dim one.

So let’s look at the effects of radiation in your daily life. Non-ionizing radiation is PROXIMITY and DURATION dependent. Looking at lightbulbs, lightbulbs fall in the 1 petahertz frequency range (1,000,000,000,000,000 hertz). Every lightbulb in your house is giving off non-ionizing radiation, the same type of radiation as 5th Generation cell technology, but at a much higher frequency. If you put your hand directly on a lit light bulb and leave it there eventually the light bulb will burn your skin. Radiation creates heat, which if you are at a close enough range (proximity) for a long enough time (duration) then you may damage a small number of cells in the local area resulting in a burn. However, if instead of holding your hand directly on the bulb you just hold your hand an inch above the bulb (proximity) your hand will only be warmed. Proximity and duration determine whether any damage will be done to your cells.

So it’s not that radiation has no effect, it’s that radiation damage is DURATION and PROXIMITY dependent and results in clearly visible burns.

So let’s compare 5g to lightbulbs. 5g is 2-6 GHz in most applications and 24 – 43 GHz in high bandwidth areas, that is 2,000,000,000 hertz to 24,000,000,000 hertz

Lightbulbs are in the 1 PHz range, that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 hertz.

If a lightbulb in closer proximity (inside your house) and for longer duration (on for many hours every single day) is 1,000,000,000,000,000 hertz and 5g is 2,000,000,000 hertz then the effects of the lightbulbs in your house will be much more prevalent than 5g on towers miles from your home. Proximity dependent.

So then most people ask, why do we see clinical studies showing 5G causing “disease” and again the answer is, proximity and duration. When they run these studies they run them ex-vivo, on cells in petri dishes and then use extended duration and close proximity to expose the cells. This is not a valid way to determine the cause of disease. This does not mean that the technology causes disease or detox symptoms, this simply shows that at close proximity and extended duration some cellular damage can occur.

Our bodies are designed to heal from injuries. If we cut our skin the body sets to work repairing the injury. If we are burned touching a hot lightbulb our bodies expel the damaged cells and create new ones to replace them. If we come in contact with a low frequency, non ionizing radiation and are at close enough proximity for long enough duration to burn a few cells, the body will repair and replace those cells. But just like a cut or broken bone takes longer to heal in a person with poor overall health (more acid wastes backed up in their bodies) and takes less time if a person is in good health conditions and even less time if the person fasts immediately following the injury, it is the level of waste backed up in the body that determines how quickly the body rebounds from the injury.

When they first introduced electric lightbulbs people feared lightbulbs. When cordless phones came out people were afraid of them. When cell phones came out people were afraid of them. When TV and radio came out people were afraid of them. But in all those instances it was only the food people put in their mouths 3 meals a day that caused their disease conditions.

Anyone can put out fear mongering propaganda and disinformation, but the laws of nature are immutable. We know how the body works. We know how the technology works. All we need to do is use our abilities of observation and discernment to determine if the suggested cause and effect match the known variables.

Even with the higher ionizing technology the dangers are over exaggerated like nuclear technology. For more information on that I highly recommend this talk from nuclear physicist Galen Winsor

Health and disease are both completely within our control. It is what we ingest that creates our states of disease by overworking our cells. Overworked cells create excess waste, waste is acidic which damages the cells when the body is not able to expel this excess waste fast enough.

If someone is telling you that health is outside of your control and you have something to fear they are lying to you and most likely seeking to make a profit off you or keep you in a state of fear so you are easier to control. Health is 100% in your control, you make a decision to be in a state of health or a state of dis-ease 3 meals a day.

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