Keto – Carnivore Diets

This post is for those who think diabetes is incurable and that keto or carnivore diets are health promoting…

“If you start out making 100 mistakes and you take away 50 of those mistakes your results will improve in the short term. That doesn’t mean you are doing something right, it’s just means you are doing less wrong.

Keto and Carnivore are both highly restrictive diets which utilize fasting and calorie restriction, essentially people lose weight because they are starving themselves in the short term. This is why so many people fall off the diet. You can only starve yourself for so long before your body screams for sugar and since most people on these diets don’t understand their natural diet they don’t feed on fruits when the body cries for sugar, instead they go for cake and cookies. The other reason that people appear to lose weight is extreme dehydration. The dark circles and sunken face are another sign of the dehydration, as are the veins bulging from the skin. If you hit a certain point of dehydration your body can no longer create life saving edema so they lose water weight. Since most people on a SAD diet eat salt their bodies are full of edema water weight which sheds when they dehydrate their body on a high protein diet. As soon as they fall off the diet the weight comes back quickly because the body starts to hydrate again and needs to dilute all those acids. Usually they put even more weight back on then before they started the diet because they have put even more acids into the system that require even more dilution. You see this with every high protein diet. The person calorie restricts and dehydrates leading to short term weight loss, then they binge because you can’t starve that long, then they regain all the weight plus some. The body has no choice but to respond this way because it was never designed to handle high protein.

You can look at the marketing or you can look at the science and how your cells function. Keto and carnivore diets have good marketing. The carnivore diet even takes testimonials of raw vegans from their own websites and posts them on the carnivore diet site as if these people ate meat to recover their health.

Looking at the science and you see the mortality rates for Keto, 54% increase in mortality in just one year on the diet with a preexisting condition and 25% increase in mortality for “healthy” population. Meaning better than half the people with chronic disease who try keto die within one year on the diet and one quarter of people without a chronic disease diagnosis also die. Those are not statistics I would want to play around with.

It’s important we understand the difference between marketing/advertising and science.

As for the carnivore diet, I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I cannot even put into words adequately the pain that people suffer on that diet. I hear from people every day trying to recover their health and with the carnivore diet it’s always the same, I felt great for the first 1-3 years, (usually 1 year) and then I felt like I was dying. The pain was everywhere in my body. You can see the disease in their swollen faces before the pain hits too. First they get the sunken face with dark under eyes, then they get the swollen face like Shaun Baker has now. That swelling is edema. The body uses edema to dilute acids. Acids damage the bodies cells so the body floods the area with water as a protective mechanism to deal with the excessive quantities of acids surrounding the cells. Some people get away with it longer than others because of their bodies ability to create more edema to dilute the acids. Others hit the pain very quickly. It depends how bad of shape their body was in to get started. This is why Carnivore heavily targets the very young with their marketing. They know that a young body can go much longer and create more edema then an older body.

As for why people “feel good” on keto and carnivore and why they have short term success you have two primary reasons.

  1. Meat is a stimulant drug, so people eating meat are literally getting high, with the same damaging effects on the body as taking cocaine or any other drug which stimulates and damages the body.
  2. Most people who fall for the keto or carnivore marketing are coming from eating a SAD diet which includes Meat, Dairy, Eggs, cooked foods, salt, refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol, food coloring and many other poisons. If you start out doing 100 things wrong and then you remove 50 of those wrong things your performance is going to improve in the short term. Disease is all about burden. The more you burden your cells the more disease conditions are created in your body. So if you are making a lot of mistakes and you cut down some of those mistakes you will see some short term improvement. But ultimately if you are not providing your body with the necessities of nutrition which your physiology demands (fruits and tender leafy greens) then ultimately your system will shut down.

Improved obesity- not got to ideal weight – any time you calorie restrict and starve the body some weight will come off. Any time you dehydrate the body you lose water weight.

Improve hypertension – lose some weight and some burden is lifted. Improved is not healed, it’s just a better number where the disease still exists but the score is lower. That’s not healing.

Improved diabetes – this one is so ridiculous. If you are not eating sugar in the moment you will not have blood sugar spikes. But diabetes is a fat issue, it’s never been a sugar issue. Fat blocks the absorption of sugar into the cell. When the body has excess fat coating the cells the cells are unable to push sugar into the cells so the sugar remains in the bloodstream. If you eat a keto or carnivore diet you are putting more fat in and making the situation far worse long term but you are hiding the damage being done short term because you are not putting in the warning indicator, the sugar. As soon as a person comes off the unsustainable carnivore diet and binges on sugar their diabetes shows that it was never gone in the first place.

Improved gastro symptoms- most gastro symptoms are a result of mixing foods which constipate and digest very slowly with natural foods which digest at normal speeds. If you put fruit into a system that is constipated from cooked foods and proteins then the sugars will ferment. If you remove the constipating and dehydrating substances from the diet then fruits digest as designed and there is no fermentation. If you put in only meat the body becomes highly constipated, hence the reason keto and carnivore diet followers poison their body with coffee, because coffee creates diarrhea as the body tries to rapidly flush out the poison, further dehydrating the body.

Improved psychiatric symptoms- most mental health issues are digestive issues. See above. Less digestive distress leads to less mental symptoms due to not combining foods which digest at different speeds”.- Lauren Whiteman

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