Hydration for Health

We live in an over-consuming, intellectually constipated, nutrition-obsessed culture that is focused on what it believes it should add rather than what it really needs to eliminate.

There is nothing that you can add to your diet that will heal you. It’s about what you must remove. This is what detoxification does.

“There’s so many supplement pushers out there.

What if I told you we are not having a “nutrition” issue as it has been sold to us and that it is a digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination issue?

Health on this planet has become so out of balance, therefore higher and yet simple truths require balanced awareness of the individual, not nutritional isolates. The problem goes beyond that.

How? Supplements and pharmaceuticals are not tissue specific. They create imbalances and have no curative value. You can’t isolate chemistry out of chemistry and think its better.

The supplement industry acts very similar to the pharmaceutical industry. Isolates and treatment-based thinking is what man needs to pull back from.

For any practitioner to just want to sell you a supplement and not provide an entire overview of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness is BS. That’s not how you achieve lifelong health and vitality.

For starters, ENERGY and INTERSTITIAL HYDRATION is the key to all health, not isolated chemistry.” ~ Jeff Miller, HP

You cannot assume you have a deficiency until you correct your body’s digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. This is accomplished by eating a fresh, raw, alkaline, high fruit, high energy, high vibration, plant based diet.

Detoxification isn’t about nutrition coming in which supposedly strengthens the body; it’s about getting rid of that which weakens it.

If you are concerned about not getting enough vitamins, minerals, etc., while on a long healing journey, you can take a high quality, organic or wildcrafted herbal superfood blend (a nutritional powerhouse) until you have corrected your body’s digestion, absorption, utilization and elimination. Most people have a problem with one, and many with two or more of these natural body processes.

Those of us who were raised on the standard diet are dehydrated. We have been led to believe that drinking water is hydrating. Hydration of the body is a Lymphatic issue. Dehydration IS AN ACIDOSIS and we must correct that.

If detoxification (cleansing out your body’s gigantic Lymphatic system) were as simple as flushing the body with water, we all would have reversed our diseases years ago. Lymphatic fluid is a lipid-based fluid. Therefore, water will not hydrate the cells interstitially (in the spaces between and around the cells).

The body doesn’t want (external) water and must spend time and energy removing the water from the body, depleting it of energy needed to remove toxins. If you have weak kidneys, you can overburden them by drinking too much water.

To hydrate the body we need live, living water with elements in it to remove the toxins inside our lymph, organs and glands.

Fruit is the best living water we have available on the planet at this time.

Fruits, berries and melons have living enzymes necessary for digestion, astringent properties which tug, pull and flush dehydrated, hardened lymph from tissues.

Fruits contain antioxidants, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals and a full range of living nutrients in proper life-enriching balance.

Karen Lee

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