Water, Cells and Light H3O2 – Distilled

We know that hydration is important, and some even call it the fountain of youth. Even mild dehydration is known to be involved in many forms of disease.

Turning on the tap shouldn’t turn our bodies into pathways for chronic disease.

The damage is rarely immediate or acute; instead, the toxins from water build up in our bodies over time.

And many don’t know that a change to their water can remove heavy metals and other contaminants that may overwhelm the kidneys and other systems, and can be roadblocks to health and healing.

Or some can go too far with intense filters that can actually interrupt a powerful healing quality of water.

Enter the 4th phase of water, H302. While we were all assuming we knew water, Dr. Gerald Pollack was forming a new relationship with water, learning about H302.

When it comes to defining what it means to be well-hydrated, this is a game-changer.

Optimal hydration requires water to be able to get into your cells easily – and that’s exactly what structured water (H3O2) does. Hydrating your cells with structured water improves energy-delivery to the mitochondria, which helps combat aging and stress.

That extra hydrogen atom in structured H3O2 water is a key antioxidant, available to bind up free radicals and escort them out of the body.

Many doctors also say structured water balances hormones, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, improves sleep, boosts mood, enhances brain function, improves autoimmune conditions, and increases charge in the body.

Our bodies actually can’t utilize inorganic minerals from spring, tap or mineral water. Our body treats those minerals as toxins and either just flushes them out or deposits them in joints, causing degeneration and damage. We get our essential minerals from the plants that we eat. Plants take the minerals from the ground and the water and add an extra molecule to them. That extra molecule is what our bodies need in order to be able to use those minerals. So it is actually best to drink distilled water with no minerals in it and eat lots of fruit and leafy greens.


There are two foods grown on earth with high water content: raw fruits and vegetables. All other food is concentrated food. Concentrated means that the water content has been removed, either by processing or by cooking. We should be eating a diet predominantly of raw ripe fruits. We need food with high water content for nourishment and cleansing of the organism. Water from the fruit transports the nutrients in food to all the body’s cells and in turn removes toxic wastes. All the nutritional requirements that the human body needs, minerals, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, carbohydrates and fatty acids are found in raw ripe fruits. And are carried by the water in those fruits to the intestines, where all nutrition is absorbed. On top of this, it performs the essential function of cleansing the body of wastes. Drinking water won’t do it, because drinking water doesn’t carry the enzymes and other life-preserving elements into the body that the H3O2 in fruits does. Our body cycles function with the greatest ease when supplied with this kind of water on a regular basis.

When we eat very juicy fruits like melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, pineapple, nectarines, peaches, papaya… we get so much water from the fruit which is perfect for our body.

Can we get the same amount of water in our system when drinking water❓

It’s really difficult to do that because Water From Fruits is structurally different to the water we drink! It’s not what we know as H2O – it’s living and structured water, known chemically as H302.

H2O is a water molecule, one drop of water is many water molecules that are clustered together.
The water in fruits is about 5-6 molecules clustered together.
The water we drink is about 25-35 molecules clustered together.

n order for our body to assimilate the water, it has to separate the molecules first. Can you see in which water it will be easier to take the molecules apart?

If you eat 1 or 2 kilos of high water content fruit you consume nearly 1 or 2 kilos/litres of water – 1 litre of water = 1kg

If you eat 2-3 meals of fresh raw fruit a day you can easily calculate how much living water you get from your meals.

Such a meal is perfect – providing the perfect water for our body – the water in fresh fruit is about 5-10 times easier to assimilate than the water we drink.

Can you see why hydrating with fresh whole fruit is absolutely essential to support your system and get adequately hydrated❗️

If you eat the standard meat & cooked diet, including cooked vegan food, bread, pasta, rice, and grains… you’re extremely dehydrated❗️

Experience & Enjoy the Superior Fruit Hydration 🍉💦

Kasia 💖

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