Healing Herbs

Someone recently queried me about the idea that herbs heal the body, asking specifically about the work of Robert Morse.

Here is my understanding.

You can’t poison the body into health. That’s a logical fallacy, and the fundamental premise of germ theory, allopathic model of health and disease.

As you know, we cannot cure disease because disease IS the cure. All we can do is remove cause and let the body heal itself.

There is no need for any kind of exogenous assistance.

This knowledge eliminates the need for 99% of the medical industry (including homeopathy) straight away as it puts the power of healing back where it belongs, in the body itself, the only place it’s ever been.

Nobody in the history of life has ever healed another person.

Only the body heals itself.

The only action that is required is that we abstain from Toxic food and other narcotic substances and allow the body to detoxify and regenerate cells.

Not one piece of scientific data demonstrates that any substance whatsoever heals the body or compels the body to heal before the body decides itself that this or that is the correct healing event.

Dr. Morse does great work guiding people toward the dietary clarity that is necessary to allow the body to heal however it is quite unfortunate how deeply into the trap of marketing he has fallen and now sells an array of unnecessary and toxic products and concepts that serve only to complicate our journey into health and create more profit for the so called holistic physician.

This has also happened to other very talented figures such as Robert O Young, Amandha Vollmer, Thomas Cowan and many, many others.

The fact is that the simple truth about how to achieve homeostasis is just not very marketable other than this wisdom in and of itself.

It costs actually nothing to achieve.

And that’s just not good for business.

The truth is that our bodies are the only doctor we’ll ever need (other than broken bone alignment, sewing of major wounds, etc) and that kind of radical sovereignty is the greatest threat to this toxic empire we are suffering under. All the efforts of this empire are currently focused on distracting us from and corrupting this knowledge.

Although, being plants, their may be some energetic potential (nutrition) offered by an herb, many of them are quite toxic and, despite suppressing pain and inflammation, can do damage to the human body.

Herbs are nothing more than natural drugs which serve the same purpose of suppressing the pain of healing and the people who sell them are ultimately choosing profit over the progress and well being of the human community.

“Many people experience that their sores, burns, and ulcers heal almost immediately after applying aloe vera, where otherwise would heal very slowly. The body is continually striving toward health and will do all it can to protect itself from any poisonous substances. When aloe vera is applied to an ulcer, the body closes off that opening as quickly as it can to block the entrance of that poisonous substance thereby protecting itself. This gives the false impression of proper healing. However, when the ulcer was an outlet for toxic materials, this vital outlet is closed off and toxins are kept inside the body. Now a new outlet must be found. Either other ulcers will form or more serious diseases will result.

If you do not interfere with bodily intelligence, healing will take place. To “intelligently do nothing” is the best advice for all ulcers, psoriasis, etc. That is, simply follow the teachings of Life Science/Natural Hygiene and your body will surely be vital enough to heal itself promptly”.

Quoted from the following link.


Most herbs are not harmful.

The point is that they don’t HEAL you.

Nothing heals the body but the body itself.

The process of healing requires that first we have harmed ourselves in some way, we have insulted the body with toxins, and these toxins damage and destroy our cells

This requires that our body be clarified of these dead and damaged cells (as well as the toxins that created the death and damage) which we experience as illness and disease.

This is a painful process.

Healing hurts.

All forms of so called “medicine” are simply pain relievers and anti inflammatory applications.

What it be herbs, industrial drugs or even simply applying ice or hot packs to an area.

These are all forms of symptom suppression.

The problem is that when we suppress the symptoms of healing, we simultaneously suppress the healing itself and therefore keep the toxins in the body that much longer.

Now, of course natural symptom suppressors, like herbs, are a lot less toxic than say pharmaceutical drugs.

However they serve the same primary purpose.

There is nothing that heals the body but the body itself and the only thing it needs to do that is clean energy in the form of whole, raw food.

The less energy the body needs waste on processing toxic food and other narcotic substances, the more energy it has left to conduct clarification of debris and regeneration of new cells.

It’s that simple.

John Ladetto

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