A place called health

Let me start a critique of this video by examining the nature of its patrons.

The Foundation of Alternative and Integrative Medicine was founded by a politician named Berkley Bedell with deep ties to political interests including serving in Congress from 1974 to 1986. He created the Office of Alternative Medicine within the National Institute of Health (NIH) itself a totally corrupt agency of the disease industry.

One of the things that the Alternative and Integrative Medicine Foundation claims is that arthritis is caused by a germ (germ theory), a protozoan, and claims a drug called Flagyl (Metronidazole) is the cure. This drug is an antibiotic whose side effects include brain disease, fevers, mouth sores, painful urination, permanent nerve damage, pelvic pain, permanent cystis, decreased sex drive, rectum lining inflammation and more.

It also promotes “ozone water” which is sold as an antibacterial (more germ theory). In their favor they recommend dietary change to treat gout however also recommend more dangerous drugs, in severe cases.

Overall this foundation is steeped in disease industry principles.

This “energy healing” program is also funded by the United Nations, the single most corrupt public organization representing the medical industry on planet Earth and the pubic face of the current global attack upon everything good about humanity known as the Con Vid Plandemia Lockdown.

Then there’s the Energy Medicine Exchange.

On the positive side there are modalities focused on dietary transformations however there is also an avalanche of new age nonsense including selling devices they claim heal the body and so-called faith-based healing. This is all typical propaganda involving the “fight and flight” nonsense of German New Medicine motifs, trying to muddle the simplicity of physical health by claiming that emotional turmoil directly creates physical disease or that emotional balance must be achieved before body can work properly.

We experience the obligatory mention of the Polyvagal Theory, which for all of its interest and complexity has not simply proven itself to be scientifically authentic.

They do cover the role of toxins and autism but, unbelievably, do not mention vac cines.

Electrographic Imaging is claimed to show us a “biofield” of energy. This Kirlian Photography process claims to photograph the natural “biofield” of objects, however, part of the process is hooking up the subject to a high voltage electric power source. The colorful pictures are created using various colored dyes in the photographic film and the plate upon which the subject is placed for photographic development is also charged with high voltage.

Digital imaging (fabrication of imaging) is also used in this process. Paranormal and “disease” diagnosis claims associated with this photographic effect have never been observed in any genuinely scientific experiment.

Gordon Stein has written that “electrophotography has nothing to do with health vitality or mood of the subject being photographed” and called it a hoax.

The so-called torn leaf experiment where a recently photographed leaf is torn in half and the missing half leaves a phantom outline on the plate is removed as the plate is cleaned.

“Coronal discharges” or “Kirlian Auras” are the result of electric fields produced by high voltage power sources, chemical processes and moisture content.

This “energy healing” concept is trapped in the usual program of “predictive disease” as if disease is something that can randomly happen to the body as a kind of internal malfunction that is not directly related to our lifestyle choices.

One does not need to consult their “biofield” to predict disease.

It’s as simple as taking account of what you eat and what kind of toxic substances you consume. It’s really that simple. Disease is the body clarifying itself and is a solution to the body’s problems, not the problem itself.

The root of the problem is our consumption of disease forming substances. Choices we make. There is no magic energy wand that’s going to save us.

The entire concept of “preventative medicine” is a contradiction in terms.

Medicine is nothing but symptom suppression. They are toxins that alleviate the pain of healing when the damage has already been done, while also intoxicating us further, preventing healing and contributing damage that itself needs to be healed.

Trust that anything with the term “medicine” in it’s title is a fraudulent, disease-forming agency or model that is ultimately after the money in your pocket over the health in your body.

The man in this video quotes that he wants us to…

“look at disease prevention outside of the body”

Again, these so-called models of health are trained to disempower our innate healing ability.

The body is in fact the only thing that heals the body and we don’t need anything outside of the body to do that. The gentleman in this video claims a microwaved apple proves how modern EMF levels create disease in humans by comparing the electrophotographs before and after cooking. Again, the Kirlian Effect is based largely upon moisture content and so a microwaved apple is going to be dehydrated and will have less of an electrophotographic imprint.

Luckily, we don’t live in a microwave oven.

There is no evidence of an “aura field” or “biofield” that we can see with any instrument unless one uses an external electric voltage source and various production and post-production photographic effects including dyes and digital photographic manipulation.

The root of the problem is that the causative factors in human health and disease are too simple to profit by and so these entire industries of totally unnecessary and scientifically unverified concepts are created to get us to buy more products that we don’t need and pay for therapies that are sold to us as solutions to problems that the body has already solved. Not to mention provoke is to buy medicine that itself creates more profit producing disease in the human community.

Emotional therapy is critical for it’s direct effect upon the choices we make for the body, but our emotional condition does not directly create or allieviate physical disease.

The truth and beauty of human health is in its simplicity and in its independent nature. The autonomy and sovereignty of the power of our Body Consciousness is beyond anything that a human being could ever create.

It is the power of Nature and that is something that humanity will never do better than because it is perfect.

All we need to do is get out of the way and let it be, let it take us where we want to go.

If indeed, where we truly want to go, is a place called Health.







Peter John Ladetto

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