Medicine – a toxic symptom suppressor

All forms of so called “Medicine”, whether they be in the form of natural herbs or synthetic pharmaceuticals, are nothing but toxic symptom suppressors.

Medicine relieves the pain of healing, however, at the cost of slowing down or seizing the healing process altogether.

One of the first principles of Discernment regarding human health is that nothing heals the body but the body itself.

The human body pushes ceaselessly toward clarification, detoxification and homeostasis.

What only ever interrupts that unquenchable will are the poor lifestyle choices we make that pollute the body, first and foremost (by far) the frequent ingestion of narcotic foods, followed by the consumption of various other narcotic and damaging substances.

There is nothing we can ADD to the body that will equivalent a net loss of toxins.

The best we can do is to provide the body with clean and appropriate energy in the form of whole, raw food such that there is nearly zero energy spent converting this food into useable energy for the body and no energy wasted isolating and/or discharging latent toxins.

Here we find that not even species appropriate food is healing the body itself as nothing survives the digestion process but this primary fuel converted into usable energy by the Microzyma and it’s germinal pleomorpha.

To intelligently do nothing more than provide the body, in all is providential perfection, with clean and appropriate energy, is just how simple and free the path to Human health can be.

Peter John Ladetto

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