True Self Therapy

True Self Therapy – Psychosynthesis

Is a three part therapy of 1) Know yourself, 2) Own yourself and 3) Transform yourself.

This will help you to understand how your body and mind are meant to run properly by aligning with your true authentic self. The reward that comes from living out your true nature is learning who you are and finding the energy to commit to your purpose. It will reveal your Definition (who you are) and your Openness (who you think you are and (the source of your conditioning).

True Self therapy will show you your shadows, your light, and the areas you struggle believing in you either by too much or by not enough. It illuminates your intuitive gifts and your inner guidance system. It reveals your gifts, purpose, and even the kind of people and energy you will be naturally drawn to.


  • Heals deep trauma and past abuse.
  • Eases the path for those on a Spiritual Journey or Awakening.
  • Shows your hidden talents and intuition.
  • Heals not only your mind and body but also your soul.
  • Learn to use your Will and Self-determination.
  • Sharpen your mind.
  • Enjoy beauty.
  • Enrich your imagination.
  • Awaken your intuition.
  • Realization of love.
  • Discover the Self and its purpose.

To be in a state of balance happens when higher and lower consciousness join together, meet, co-exist in unity and a sense of wholeness is achieved.

It is a quest to know yourself, your true real authentic self and learning to be true to that.

“We are completely unaware of our true nature because we identify ourselves with our body, our emotions and our thoughts, thus losing sight of our unchanging centre, which is pure consciousness. When we return to our true nature, our thoughts and perceptions no longer appear as modifications of a single substance they come into being like waves of the ocean”. – Jean Kleine.

Emotions drive people to do both fantastic and idiotic things. This whole world is merely an interplay between emotion and logic, between heart and mind. Where emotion rules there is disaster, where logic rules there is disaster. But where the two are balanced there is an extraordinary life.