Iridology Analysis

Your eyes are unique to you, just like your fingerprint, no two are the same.  Iris analysis is an ancient health observation tool. It dates back to Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The iris shows your current state of health and your own unique inner health strengths and inner health weaknesses. An iris analysis can help you make informed decisions over your current and future well being.

Examining the eyes can tell a lot about your overall general health. The fibers, patterns, colours and other characteristics of the iris can provide information about your own systemic health.

We are discovering the eye works two ways: it enables us to bring images of the outside world within, it also shows images of what is within to the outside.

An Iridology analysis can advise you of your constitutional make up (genetics), tissue weaknesses or strengths, as well as levels of congestion and toxicity (including chemical accumulations). It will also reveal areas of obstructions.

By looking at the iris, the pigmented part of the eye, we are shown the entire composition of the body. It is a complete map of our inner organs and glands. Every single part of our physical being is right there in our very eyes.

Iridology research began in 1670, when Dr. Philippus Meyens published a paper describing the eyes of his patients when they became sick or injured. He also noticed changes in the eye that came with healing and was able to link points on the iris to specific parts of the body. By observing the eye, he was eventually able to identify areas in the body in need of support which would show up in the eye long before physical symptoms would manifest.

It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that physicians from Hungary and Sweden began observing eyes and organizing their findings. Dr. Bernard Jensen, the father of American Iridology, began sharing and teaching his findings in the United States in the 1950’s.

The eye is not a messenger of symptoms, but of the weaknesses within. Looking at the eye we can see which organ is weak, congested by lymph, or even deteriorating. We can observe the progress, the changes that are going on within the body, because the eyes will change color as we cleanse and restore.

There are only two true colors of an eye: blue and brown. Any other color is simply the mirror of congested lymph and sulfur. We know this because of detoxification. We are able to see how the congested lymph is loosening and draining, and we can even see how our genetic weaknesses are strengthening.

The eye never lies and will show a weakness long before any noticeable symptoms are present. Any accumulation of toxins, sulfur and drug deposits are right there for us to see. Genetic weaknesses and the strength of our constitution…anything from malnutrition, cholesterol, an impacted colon, the level of acidosis to a weak knee are all readable in the eye. This is invaluable information for any practitioner when understanding the whole health history of a client.

Iridology has such an amazing place in true healing because it does not focus on symptoms, but on systems. It focuses on the whole person, on the cause of the problem, the underlying issues. The eye knows no symptoms, it knows only what it is told by the body, and that is the weaknesses and the state of the cells.

All our inner systems are reflected in our eyes…the digestive, nervous, lymphatic, respiratory, skeletal, endocrine, and digestive system. All our organs and glands are represented together with our level of stagnation and vitality. The current state of health is observable by the beholder, but only the eyes can show the real cause that lies within.

We are able to study a live body, as it transforms from ill health to vitality. Not only are we able to establish the current situation within the body, but we are can also see our future potentials. We are able to see the changes that are happening on the inside, not only by watching our symptoms disappear but also by watching our eyes change.

This is the tool of prevention, yet we usually wait until the symptoms are present before we improve our lifestyle. By using this blueprint and road map we can steer towards better health.

Through knowing how we are put together, we know what needs to be done. Cleansing and detoxification are always what needs to be done, but sometimes we also need some extra help to support our weak organs and glands.

This map will show us where you came from, where you are at, and where you are headed. It will show you why you are feeling what you are feeling, and what your body has been accumulating.

Things that an iridology analysis may reveal are inherently strong as well as weak glands, organs, and tissues, different stages of hyperactivity and hypoactivity, inflammation, lymphatic system congestion, results of physical and mental stress or fatigue, trauma, constitutional weaknesses and strengths, bowel health, the relative ability of a gland, organ, or tissue for retaining nutrients, malabsorption, circulation, areas in the body where acidity has or can accumulate and observing overall conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of the body

Iridology is the perfect preventive diagnostic tool, where one can work on the issues before they even manifest. It is an extremely beneficial and exciting field of science for both humans and animals alike.

“The ‘regular’ school of medicine, as a body, has ignored and will ignore this science, because it discloses the fallacy of their favorite theories and practices and because it reveals unmistakably the direful results of chronic drug poisoning and ill-advised operations.”
~Henry Lindlahr, M.D

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