Nature Therapy

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better…”
~ Albert Einstein ~

There is a direct nature-mind-body connection.

As well as nutrition from food there is an abundance of proven free healthy nutrition direct from Nature to boost our overall health.

Every element in nature offers a unique Life Force Energy Nutrition.

Spending time in nature makes us feel better, less stressed and happier. If you feel anxious, feel unwell, or have a trauma spending quiet contemplative time in a garden, the mountains or woods is healing.

“There is mounting evidence that contact with nature has significant positive impacts on mental health,” – Mardie Townsend, PhD

One recent study, published in 2013 in Environmental Science & Technology, investigated the impact of different images on stress recovery. People viewed slides of scenes from nature or a built environment for 10 minutes, and then completed a task to induce mental stress. The group that viewed the nature scenes had reduced stress compared to those that viewed a built environment.

In a 2015 study, people who looked at impressive scenes of nature like mountains or waterfalls had a greater increase in mood than those who viewed “mundane” nature scenes such as parks and gardens.

These benefits “seems to be related to the visual structure of nature, which seems to be relaxing for our minds. The mechanisms behind this are not yet clear, although my speculation is that nature contains a lot of repetitive structure, which is ‘easy’ on our minds,” – Yannick Joye, PhD, a researcher at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The mood improvement was found to be mediated by the feelings of awe, which can “pull you away from your daily petty concerns, and this could improve your mood — which is actually often determined by those small concerns.”

The sounds of nature have the same benefits, a 2013 study showed that hearing recorded sounds of nature helped recovery from a stressful situation the same as viewing nature. As for time in the outdoors, researchers from Nippon Medical School in Japan compared the effects of walking through a forest versus walking through a city. Their results show that “forest bathing,” as they call it, not only led to decreased stress hormones, but actually increased the natural killer cells of the immune system and the expression of anti-cancer proteins.

Listen to Nature – Meditation

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Researchers are amassing a body of evidence, proving what we all know to be true: nature is good for us and has both long and short term mental and physical health benefits.