Counselling Therapy

CBT (Cognitive Based Therapy) is thinking about your thoughts and recognizing that what we think (perception) changes how we feel (emotion) and that then changes how we act (behavior). All is mind. How we think is how we feel and all of this interacts together. 

Thoughts are the vocabulary of the mind. Feelings are the vocabulary of the body. The body then creates chemicals based on our different emotions. These chemicals can then become healing or illness in our bodies. A healthy mind truly is a healthy body.

Our thoughts can cause us to feel distressed and this can create problems. Sometimes due to past experiences or trauma we may repeatedly choose to observe and judge the world and others around us incorrectly. Quite often when we do that the thoughts we have change our emotions and can make us feel sad.

Life is to be enjoyed. CBT with practice can bring the joy and balance back into your every day life. If we do the work, it works.

CBT normally lasts 8 to 16 sessions. We work together so that your thoughts help you to feel genuine positive emotions which then create positive outcomes. Each journey is unique and different and you may wish less or more sessions. You can decide what feels right for you.

Here are the three mental modes created subconsciously through our thoughts. Therapy helps restore you to a mode of balance and the ability to maintain it.

What’s the difference between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems?

Your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems have opposite but complementary roles. Your sympathetic nervous system carries signals that put your body’s systems on alert, and your parasympathetic carries signals that return those systems to their standard activity levels.

Your sympathetic nervous system takes the lead when your safety and survival are at risk, but that system’s actions can strain body systems when it’s active for too long. Because these two systems offset each other, they help maintain balance in your body.