A supportive natural style of counselling

  • To help you cope with day to day life
  • To heal from trauma
  • To reduce symptoms of disease
  • To deal with overwhelming feelings
  • To make positive changes
  • For couples, a neutral space to hear, feel and understand each other to improve your relationship

Life experience and qualifications

  • 1988 Psychotherapy and Counselling Studies. Dip.
  • 1990 to present day Mindfulness and Meditation. Various Courses and Studies.
  • 2012 Nutritional and Food Combining Studies. Dip.
  • 2014 Nutrition for Cancer Prevention & Survival. PCRM Dip.
  • 2016 CBT Therapy Level 8 Dip.
  • Transpersonal and Psychosynthesis Therapy. 20 years private study.
  • 2021 Essential Life Sciences to include: Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Cytology, Physical Fitness, Holistic Living, Nutrition and Health Sciences. Completed full life sciences course.
  • Apr 2021 to Apr 2022 Iridology private study.
  • 2021 GNM. 12 months private study.
  • Nov 2022 – Metabolic Disease: the hidden hand of toxicity (CPD 2).
  • Nov 2022 – Depression: Beyond chemical imbalances (CPD 2).
  • Nov 2022 – The Vitamin D Deceptive (CPD 1.5).

I am not a medical doctor so I do not treat or diagnose diseases. I work with you and help you eliminate the causes.

In 1990 I began working in Mental Health Services in the NHS, UK. In 1993 one of my parents was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Old Bailey in London for crimes against me throughout my childhood. The court case lasted two years and shortly afterwards I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. I was told there was something wrong with the chemicals in my brain. I was then diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression. I have since come to learn that trauma is not a disease.

I was prescribed up to 10 different addictive psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs for nearly 13 years. As a result of the side effects of these drugs I developed psychosis, hallucinations, hearing voices, nightmares, suicidal thoughts and autoimmune conditions. Then my liver and kidneys had impaired functioning. I also experienced amnesia and cannot remember many years of my younger life. There are many studies that show these types of side effects are very common and are very often mistaken as a worsening of mental health symptoms. This is why I was later prescribed anti psychotics alongside the other medications. I was also then diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 Disorder. (This new diagnosis was a side effect of the medications).

In 2006 I stopped all addictions and all prescribed medications. I began to study full time and learn about healing, healthy eating and natural therapies. I wish everyone could have the option to choose Naturopathic Counselling, CBT, Diet and Nutritional Psychiatry, as these have far better outcomes statistically compared to drug therapy.

Because of my life experience I can understand severe trauma, addiction and depression. Because of my studies over nearly a lifetime I understand how it is never too late to heal, both in the mind and the body and how they both work together.

Since 2012 Private Counselling Practice in Spain.

Mindfulness and Meditation Classes in Nature.

Nutritional consultations to combat disease and improve fitness levels.

Living raw cookery classes.

Nutritional consultations for Cancer prevention and healing.

Naturopathic Counselling, CBT, CBCT, Diet and Nutritional Psychiatry.