Facing the Emotions

Overwhelming Emotions

Some emotions can be wonderful to experience. We can feel overcome with joy or excitement. But sometimes overwhelming emotions can be unpleasant, when we feel overcome by anger, despair or if we are feeling anxious or worried. What can we do? Here are a few very basic techniques to try.

  • Some people find it helpful to jot down their feelings and the events that happened in a journal or on your smart phone.
  • The best thing to do when you are feeling overwhelmed is nothing and follow the breathing exercise (below) until you start to feel calmer.
  • In a few days review your notes and then jot down your current feelings and if you would have liked to have reacted differently.
  • Think about the events that caused you to feel overwhelmed.
  • Forgive yourself and be honest with everyone around you about your feelings while you are in a calm state of mind.
  • Knowledge does not come in the now when we are overwhelmed by emotions, knowledge comes later over time when we are calm and can reflect on the truth.

Breathing Exercise

Take yourself away to a quiet place. Sit and be comfortable.

  1. Breathe in slowly through the nose to the count of eight.
  2. Breathe out slowly through the mouth to the count of eight. Purse your lips as if blowing a bubble.
  3. Note how you feel.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you feel calmer.