The Why and How we have toxic Fluoride

It all started in Deaf Smith County in America where people had very little dental decay. Dental cavities were unheard of. The county had an altitude of 4,000 ft. The soil was made up of blow soil, limestone and was enriched by kelp beds. The soil also had trace amounts of fluorine. Through the sun and photosynthesis the soil contained every element contained from the sea water in concentrated ionized form.

The presence of calcium fluoride was only one of about 60 elements identified in the soil. In addition there was calcium, potassium, magnesium and every substance existing in the oceans.

Due to this the soil in Deaf Smith County was excellent for the growing of health promoting food in all the needed mineral components in exact balance and proportion to each other. Another contributing factor was the elevation, climate and sun. There is an abundance of sunshine that strikes the plants with greater intensity that those in the lower planes.

In June 1944 93% of men that enlisted in the Army were accepted, compared to 50% of the National average. The area also had the highest crop yields.


Calcium fluoride was one of the many elements found in the soil and water. Due to the excellent dental health of people living in this County it became an enticing project to be projected into other areas.

The aluminum industry with its huge stockpile of sodium fluoride, quickly saw the opportunity and leapt into action. That their product was completely different to the natural product did not seem to concern them. It is a highly virulent toxin used as rat poison. When added to water, making hydrofluoric acid, it is used for etching glass. Sodium fluoride is an inorganic poison 85 times more toxic than calcium fluoride, of organic origin.

The inorganic waste product in the production of aluminum is difficult to handle because of its corrosiveness. As a rat poison and insecticide it was sold very cheaply per pound.

So they had the great idea to dump this dangerous by product into the water supply of the nation. This would solve the disposition of the corrosive substance, it would also permit the increase of revenue by 10 fold.

Sodium fluoride is a compound of sodium and fluorine. Sodium is a metal and very unstable. Fluoride is one of the halogens, it is a gas, one of the most untameable of all the elements. It attacks most anything and combines with more other elements than any other element.When these two combine it becomes one of the most deadly substances known to man.

When taken via drinking water, not all of it is excreted, it accumulates in the tissues just like arsenic or lead. Sodium fluoride also settles out calcium causing arthritis, as calcium is deposited in joints and cartilages. It impairs the function of the liver, pancreas and kidneys. All enzyme activities are damaged by it and even the enamel of the teeth is attacked in the process.

The main cause of dental decay is sweets, soft drinks and refined foods. Eating an apple or a carrot is a fair healthier way to clean your teeth compared to using fluoride. You could also use fluoride free toothpaste or make your own.

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