Trait or State?

Beliefs can make us happy or make us sad. Some beliefs can become very deep rooted so they replay over and over in our minds. These type of fixated beliefs can be great like I am a great dancer and others can cause us pain like I cannot do anything right.

How can we calm the whispers or shouts of negative commentary that flows through our mind?

Defusion Technique 1 (we are one)

  • Become Aware of the thoughts or beliefs that are painful to you.
  • Write them down and your emotions, what happened, how you reacted.
  • Let some time pass and when you are calm read what you have written.
  • Imagine 3 people that you already know, trust and like have confided in you that they are the ones that have experienced everything that you have written.
  • Taking your time evaluate every thought and emotion that they have experienced with empathy and kindness. It is important to remain neutral and impartial.
  • Write down what you would like to say to each of the three people.
  • Now imagine what each of these three people would say to you about your thoughts.

Reflect after using this technique and become aware if your belief has changed. Is it less painful? What will happen if you have this deep rooted thought again?

You have stepped back and observed your beliefs from a distance. This is a great first step on your pathway to healing.