Use ‘this’ time to turn fear into love

During times of stress our bodies natural defences turn on. During times of fear we may notice that:

  • Our heart beats faster
  • Our breathing accelerates
  • Our blood pressure rises
  • and our body feels tense

We see distressing headlines on social media. We notice people around us are stressed. People we know and love are worried; all coming from feelings of insecurity and sometimes loss.

So how can we use ‘THIS’ time to turn fear into LOVE?

Be the one to use ‘THIS’ to be a way to give love and hope to others.

Take a few deep shallow calming slow breathes and then ask yourself – When do I do the most good for myself and for others? – Is it?

  • When I am suffering
  • Or when I am happy

Being happy during this time is difficult for many. We are now faced with shocking facts, injustice, frustration, sickness, despair and for some bereavement.

So how can we use ‘THIS’ to transform the negative energies around us and within us into healing energies and turn fear into love. How can we as individuals turn the tables? We can ask ourselves:

  1. When do I do the greatest good for myself?
  2. When do I do the greatest good to others?
  3. When do I do both, giving and receiving at the same time?

We can do physical things to protect ourselves and the people we care about by; isolating, hygienic practices and anything else we can think of.

Some free ways of sharing love is giving without rewards:

  • Give a flower to someone that never receives them, this can be done virtually too.
  • Ask someone about an opinion in a subject they are knowledgeable
  • Forgive others if they are irritable, angry, scared or irrational
  • Anticipate others needs and take care of it
  • Call and chat to someone that could be feeling lonely or vulnerable

Take yourself away from the chaos, media or stressful situations and try these increased awareness actions.

  • imagine everything you do is for the first time; your first day at work, your first kiss, your fist embrace, your first meal.
  • Keep smiling. A smile instantly changes your inner energy. How does everything feel? Does it feel good?
  • Listen to the sounds of nature listen to the rain, listen to the wind, listen to bird song, if you cannot go outside you can open a window. Concentrate on the sounds. Notice how it makes you feel.

Please share your comments if you would like to add what has worked for you. Together we can help each other and use ‘THIS’ time to turn fear into LOVE.

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