Love recipes for happy relationships

We now have a wonderful opportunity to look within and heal our relationships. Smile and look forward to being enveloped in love and happiness. The poem below which states you is yourself first and your partner equally.

The recipe tools below are useful if you are getting on great with your partner or if you are having some problems. Adding a dash more love is great in any circumstance.

The greatest happiness tool is LOVE.

So am happy to share some easy recipes to use this tool. The good thing is that LOVE is an energy that is felt like an atmosphere. You know the good feeling you get visiting a loving persons home. It’s inviting, it’s contagious and affects everyone it comes into contact with in a positive way.

So how do we create this loving atmosphere around us.

  • Do the work, it works.
  • Choose one of the recipes and note your level of increased happiness.
  • You could start your own recipe
  • Work through all of the recipes one at a time. Note the results of each one. Repeat as necessary or make it a permanent practice.
  • Smile at every opportunity.

Recipe 1. Be in the now

This starts at the beginning of the day. Choose a day. You need to complete a whole day of being in the now. When you wake up treat your partner with loving kindness. Smile and be attentive. Don’t complain. Don’t make judgements. Think of one of their needs and attend to it. Think of yourself as a radiant beacon of love. Show gratitude. The past does not exist. Do things you love. Do not react if your partner is irritable, critical, moody, negative. When you have completed your day smile and say to yourself – today I filled myself, my partner and my home with love.

Recipe No 2. Communication

The most important part is listening. Loving someone is being able to truly listen and be fully attentive. If your partner wants to tell you something, stop what you are doing and truly listen. This is love. Do not interrupt. Look them in the eyes. Time is the most precious gift you can give someone. When they have finished speaking pause for a moment and consider your response. Think of yourself as a radiant beacon of love. When you answer be kind, be loving, be supportive. If you have something you need to say to your partner spend sometime thinking about what you would like to say. Think carefully about the words you will use and how you will say it. Never have a conversation if you are angry. If you are angry have the conversation privately with yourself first. Wait until you are in a calm loving mood to speak to your partner. Our emotions are like mirrors and any anger we show will be reflected straight back to us. We are using our emotional mirrors to reflect love. Say to yourself: We talk to each other with kindness. We listen to each other with kindness. We act accordingly to what we decide with kindness. When you have completed your conversations smile and say to yourself – today I filled myself, my partner and my home with love.

Recipe No. 3 Forgiveness and Patience

When you start following the love recipes you are actively changing you and your partners energy. You are replacing what was. If you imagine your relationship as a glass of water. The water represents what was before: this could be past mistakes, past arguments and past behaviour patterns. So in the beginning you are diluting what was. So it is still there. So it is very important if you fall back to past behaviour or find yourself reminded of past arguments or mistakes – STOP – forgive yourself and your partner. Remember to be patient and remind yourself if I keep following the love recipes our glass will only overflow with love and the past will be a distant forgiven memory.

If you agree that The greatest happiness tool is LOVE please share this post and share any of your love recipes in the comments. May every home and family be filled with LOVE.

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