Emotional Responses & Consequences

Every time we treat others badly it is due to our own fears and likewise everyone that treats us badly is due to their own fears. This understanding can help you to unlock your true potential and become your authentic self.

Get in touch with your lower subconscious (shadow work) and you will realize there is nothing to fear, only an acceptance of your inner truth. When you are open to the need for honest acceptance of who you are on your own and with others, you can learn how our emotional responses can sabotage our current and future life.

Use this realization technique called ABC

A = Is the past hurt, injury or trauma that you do not see within you or within others. This is a part of everyone’s lower consciousness that can trigger hurtful behaviour and even unwanted anger outwards. (These outpourings of emotion and behaviour have nothing to do with the person the hurtful behaviour was directed toward, they are a reaction to being or feeling hurt).

B = Is what is said, done, created, things that cannot be undone. These can be positive or negative. Negative could be anger towards yourself or others, self pity, selfishness etc.

C = Consequences stems from how you respond to B. Ask yourself to try and dismiss B and try to see A within yourself or the others person.

What is A?

What is the pain, the trauma?

How should you respond to this?

How you respond has consequences. We are all sowing the seeds of our future through our words, actions and deeds.

How should you respond to C to create better outcomes for us and others?

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