Transmutation blessing: Loss

Every loss leaves a transmutation of energy behind.

Right now some of us might be experiencing all of or one of these:

… loss of a loved one
… loss of a relationship
… loss of a job
… loss of identity
… loss of income

If we look deeper we see how because of the transmutation of energy nothing is every totally lost. Every experience becomes part of who we are and becomes part of our consciousness forever. In a small way Loss is also a Gain … because to loose something we must have experienced something so good we felt we had gained … we had benefitted … we experienced something we wanted … in other words we received a blessing …

… lose of a loved one …
when two energies come together both energies change. You become a part of them and they become a part of you … like an imprint … a blessing that a part of them will be a part of you forever and so they will always be with you.

… loss of a relationship …
same as above … a blessing that will always be with you.

… loss of a job …
when you spent your time learning … your energy focus on skills for that job … customer skills … money management … training … you still have all of these acquired abilities and skills within you that can be utilized in many different ways doing something you like. A blessing that will always be with you.

… loss of identity …
it is never lost only misplaced and waiting to be rediscovered … awareness of this loss is awareness of the need to create change … A blessing is to know that change is what you need.

… loss of income …
is a time to find out your true friendships … a time to discover you can get by with less … a time for seeing your true priorities … a time for downsizing … a time for seeing how your time was spent supporting a lifestyle that perhaps you did not need … an appreciation of the simplier things in life … A blessing that gave you back time for being rather than doing.

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