The most powerful free nutrient most people are lacking.

The missing and most important free nutrient that most of us lack is Vitamin L or in it’s full form Love.

Where do we get it?

We make this vitamin naturally within ourselves. It’s levels can increase or decrease sometimes as we react to others and life events. We can do the inner work of loving ourselves to ensure our levels always remain constant and optimal.

Why are so many people lacking in this essential nutrient?

  • Lack of supportive friendship and family links.
  • Fragmented society – People live too far away from each other.
  • Lessoning of the systems and rituals of religious belief. Faith.
  • Rising divorce rates – the impermanence of relationships.
  • Financial problems – unable to engage in social activities.
  • Social media created distancing – texting instead of calling, texting instead of face to face contact. More invested in social media content and reduced real life social engagement.

What are the benefits of this nutrient?

Total mental and physical wellness. This nutrient has far greater benefits than any other vitamin. It is free. It is easily digested. The more you have the greater you feel. The more you have the more likely you are to share this with others.

Can you overdose?

No, your body can absorb infinite doses of this. The higher the levels, the greater the benefits.

Vitamin L Deficiency Symptoms

  • Illness – Most all forms of physical illness start with this deficiency.
  • Anxiety – Most of forms of mental illness start with this deficiency.
  • Death – If left untreated it can be fatal.


Treatment begins when we start within ourselves. We need to give ourselves as much of this vitamin as we can and as often as we can. Step by step.

We start to heal and love ourselves.

We take care of ourselves.

Taking care to heal our wounds to ensure we are not hurting others with our own pains. We learn to recognize when we are acting from pain or from love and we see this always comes from within.

Then when we are healed we can give this love to others unconditionally.

If people cause us pain or hurt us we limit our time with them.

We learn to structure our lives in such a way to be guided by a combination of love, emotion and logic so we stay in balance sensitive to our own needs and to those of others around us.

There is not this big divide that separates us. We just somehow see it that why which is an illusion which adds to the suffering and stifles understanding.

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