Reasons to reconsider taking Vitamin D2 or D3 Supplements

Our bodies naturally adjust the internal levels of chemicals to help us stay in perfect balance.

For instance Vitamin D levels are purposely kept high or low to either help keep your mineral levels balanced or to protect your overall health.

One of the reasons our body self regulates Vitamin D is to internally monitor and adjust Phytate Acid levels. A lot of foods we eat daily contain Phytate Acid such as: Grains, Seeds, Nuts, Beans etc.,

The stomach and small intestine breaks down 30-60% of Phytate Acid. The remaining 40-70% that is left can either help or hinder the body.

It can help by: Binding to heavy metals and removing them i.e. Cadmium, Lead etc. Protects against Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc. Phytate is known as IP6 or Inositol.

It can hinder by: Binding to and removing Iron, Zinc, Calcium & Manganese which is then excreted as waste.

Vitamin D status regulation works to help your body internally regulate and balance Phytate Levels

When your Vitamin D level is high phytate is retained.

When your Vitamin D level is low phytate is removed.

If you are Vegetarian, Vegan or if you eat a lot of grains and not many fruits or vegetables you may need to add some Vitamin C to your diet because:

5-10mg of Phytate Acid reduces Iron absorption by 50%.

80mg of Vitamin C cancels 25mg of Phytate Acid.

So sometimes a low Vitamin D level could be your body doing its job safeguarding your minerals.

So sometimes a high Vitamin D level could be your body doing its job fighting off disease.

Vitamin D also controls AMP’s Anti Microbial Peptides. Your body knows when and how to raise and reduce Vitamin D levels which will either activate or inactivate AMP’s. AMP’s role is to remove damaged cells. In the short term supplementing Vitamin D can stop damaged cells and inflammation being released to be removed which is seen as an improvement in symptoms. Long term supplementing creates L-form bacterias and toxins that damage tissues and create diseases. Its like you have cut off your flushing system and blocked up your lymphatic system. See April 2000 University of NY at Buffalo patients were unable to walk after 6 weeks of high supplementation as high levels of Vitamin D had shut down their immune system.

Most people assume that Vitamin D is the principal mediator of the positive health effects associated with sun exposure.

Serum Vitamin D is simply a proxy marker for sun exposure,,

Clinical trials have found Vitamin D supplementation provides little to no meaningful health effects. Sunlight related factors, above and beyond Vitamin D are responsible.

The sun emits a broad spectrum of light including UV, blue, green and red. It is the light from the sun, not the Vitamin D, which possesses the beneficial effect on human health.,,

How does sunlight work? According to Professor Gerald Pollack, sunlight provides light energy (via the first step of photosynthesis) to the human body and structures the water within our tissue. Insufficient sun exposure means less energy and less structured water, resulting in disease.

Vitamin D from Sunshine is highly important to all cellular and DNA functions.

Vitamin D and Immune System

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