The Inner Observer

Genuine confidence does not come from our thoughts. It is not an internal cheerleading section saying, “yes you are good enough, you are loved, you are great, you are going to win.”

Confidence comes from the realization that there is nothing to lose. That is true strength, strength that does not come from hope as opposed to fear. Hope and fear are the food of ego. When you experience deep confidence, you are free of hope and fear. No matter what you encounter in life, you don’t lose what you are. If you are still, you become that fully; if you hear silence, you become that completely; if you recognize spaciousness, you are that inseparably.

In this way we overcome the root of the suffering of our pain body; we overcome the three poisons of aversion, attachment, and ignorance; and we achieve the three bodies of emptiness, light and bliss. The realization of these three bodies is the fruit of meditation, and the fruit is already in us.

(Tibetan yogas of body, speech, and mind. By Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche)

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