Taking Mineral Supplements

A basic rule of biology that will help you make the right decisions for your health is the interdependence between minerals.

Mineral salts and trace elements are essential for the proper functioning of the body.  The main minerals are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and chlorine.

It is important that the minerals we are going to ingest are BIOAVAILABLE, that is, alive and transformed by plants, algae or phytoplanktons.

The minerals in our world are formed in two places. If coming from rocks and stones these are inorganic, and if coming from plants and animals these are organic.

The inorganic mineral world serves as food for the plant world and the organic plant world serves as food for the animal world.

The human being is not fit to feed on inert inorganic minerals directly from the mineral world: he cannot be healthy by eating ground stones (or mineral supplements that are equivalent to ground stones).

You can only use bioavailable, live minerals.

The human being is heterotrophic and depends on autotrophic beings such as plants or algae, to transform inert minerals from the mineral world into bioavailable or living minerals from the plant world or from seawater.

Once transformed by plants and algae, inert minerals become alive and bioavailable, that is, assimilable by humans.


There is a very fine orchestration and interaction between minerals within the human body that humans (scientists) have not been able to mimic, understand or reproduce. No mineral acts in isolation in our body. We cannot ingest an isolated mineral without creating a cascade of serious imbalances between the other minerals.

For example: “The intake of a single isolated mineral can decrease the intestinal absorption of other minerals. For example, a high intake of calcium decreases the absorption of zinc. A too high intake of zinc can decrease the absorption of copper. A deficiency of one element can cause a toxic buildup of another element in the body. Taking inert magnesium can neutralize our calcium and potassium, if we take manganese it will neutralize our magnesium and calcium, etc…

In other words, taking a magnesium supplement creates calcium deficiency with its cascade of consequences.

The interaction between the different minerals and the importance of a balanced intake is demonstrated in the diagram below. Each line shows the relationship between one mineral and the others.

This demonstrates the importance of having the complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements and in exact proportions to have an exact balance and this is only provided by seawater and plants in their rawest state.

And it demonstrates the dangers of taking mineral supplements.

We also remember that the deficiencies do not generally come from a lack of intake, but from a deficiency of assimilation at the intestinal level.

If the intestinal walls are deteriorated (intestinal porosity), that there is an accumulation of waste composed of food remains and with an unbalanced microbiota, this is not an environment conducive to good intestinal assimilation.

Therefore, to correct deficiencies, in addition to supplementing with seawater (the only supplement suitable for acting in synergy with the body), the intestinal terrain must be corrected, removing cereals, dairy products, meats (chicken, beef, pork, etc… fish ), malnourished processed foods.

And eat plenty of prebiotic foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Use chia seeds or psyllium to do the job of intestinal broom. After a few months the root cause of the deficiency will be corrected.

Alexandra Prokoudine

Credito foto: Cellnutrition Quinton.

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