Religion and Emotional Trauma

It has been said that all religions are essentially messaging the same idea.

I agree.

The idea is, specifically, that you don’t have the capacity to understand right from wrong so you must forfeit your moral intelligence to a higher power which is clandestinely controlled by the state.

Toxic Authority.

Every religion was created out of corruption. They have nothing to do with love or enlightenment.

Love and enlightenment are innate qualities to the human heart and mind. There is no need to make a religion of these things but to simply encourage this natural behaviour in our children instead of abusing them, poisoning them and feeding them lies from birth.
Religion of course has been used to inspire perhaps the worst examples of human behavior in human history. The only element religion adds to the situation is toxic authority. Any form of benevolence religion may inspire can and is achieved by any group of people or community with genuine intentions of support, minus the poisonous emotional manipulation and destructive distortion religion requires.

Everybody needs guidance.

Religion guides people into unaccountable thought patterns and behavior.

It is not genuine guidance but rather a perversion of guidance.

Anything of any value regarding love and enlightenment religion may appear to command, it steals from the human heart and perverts it, using it to manipulate people into violating their innate moral intelligence.

The medical industry assumes this same perverted authority by convincing us that germs are causative agents of disease when in fact they are the symptoms of a toxic poisoning, the clarification of which we experience as disease.

Even to propose that emotional stress is to blame for physical disease, something there is no evidence for, before clarifying our lives of the narcotic junk food, drink/drugs and industrial chemical products (that which there is nothing but evidence for directly causing physical disease) is just illogical and dangerous.

There is not a single shred of evidence that human emotions are agents of disease.

The problem is that in order to prove that, you would have to isolate this kind of negative stress in someone who is not responding to this stress by using toxic stress anesthesia (narcotic food, pills, alcohol, street drugs, cigarettes, etc) with more frequency in response to the stress.

Furthermore this person would have to have been living a relatively clarified lifestyle previously as well.

And there is also no proof that stress causes “oxidation” poisoning or that natural enzymes and hormones in the human body can trigger detoxification events in any situation.

Not all stress is negative and even negative stress is something that people use to elevate their will to achieve a great many things.

There is after all nothing more negatively stressful upon the human organism than toxic food and drugs (things we know for a fact create physical disease) which, just about everybody is using on a daily basis so good luck finding someone for that study.

The whole idea is just another attempt by the cultural engineers to avert your attention from what actually causes disease so as to keep us in diseased states and feed their disease industry.

This is another example of how they take a truth (that negative stress is CORRELATED with physical disease, and pervert it by attempting to deceive is into believing negative emotions CAUSE physical disease DIRECTLY. Examples of this distorted deception of health include German New Medicine, the teachings of Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, etc, and a whole billion dollar global industry of fraudsters who are banking on this destructive deception.

This process you will find at play in every cultural institution at this point in time: take a truth, pervert it, sell it back to the people in a perverted state and keep them on a hamster wheel of recurring disease insuring long term customers and easily manipulated citizens, scared of their own bodies and emotions, obvious to the truth.

In fact it’s not just the new age movement guru con artists who sell psychosomatic contagion but even allopathic doctors will pull that card when they run out of more conventional lies.

First, we must stop considering fear, stress and emotional pain as a frailty or a “condition” or “disorder”.

Human emotions are critical indications of the nature of our relationship to the external and internal world.

They do not in and of themselves causes or clarify physical disease.

This is another example of the cultural engineers attempting to convince us that we are under attack by nature, in this case our own feelings.

However even severely emotionally damaged people who have major behavioral problems are not suffering a disorder.

There are no such thing as chemical imbalances, just chemical poisoning and the attempt by the body to balance and clarify itself. Not a single experiment in history has found there to be lower levels of dopamine in a human body, for instance, who is suffering depression than is present in one who is not.

There’s no such thing as mental illness.

People experience a major crisis management strategy that our bodies, the root of our Emotional health, are forced to create, no different than creating a physical detoxification event after being repeatedly poisoned chemically.

These painful experiences exist as real phenomena however they are totally misunderstood and perverted by the constructs of poplar medicine, the disease industry.

Just as there are no physical diseases, only conditions of a single disease, toxemia, there is a root problem for every so called distinct mental illness and that is unresolved emotional trauma.

We must not fall for the dangerous fallacy however that our emotions directly cause or clarify physical detoxification events.

Again, we see the same pattern.

Take a true phenomena, mental or physical anguish, pervert it by crossing up cause and effect, then use that Distortion to perpetuate physical and mental disease while presenting as a model and means to clarify or cure it.

The same phenomena can be observed in the physical sciences which, by the dominant, state sponsored models of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity, correctly observe cosmic events however filter them through a lens of distorted nonsense that ends up having no basis in reality at all and use this confusion to keep our understanding of the world and the universe at odds with reality.

What it comes down to is this.

The are 3 fundamental things we must understand if we want to pursue genuinely clarified lives.

1. There is no person or group of people who are responsible for the worlds’ problems. When it comes to evil plans and destructive influences, the key ingredient is mass complicity. Therefore the only solution is to refuse to comply and that begins with ones own actions, to achieve a life that is not controlled by this destructive spirit.

2. The only way to avoid being controlled by this destructive spirit is by attending to ones own personal emotional distortion. The people who hold positions of great power by honoring the distorted and destructive influences of this Narcissistic spirit cannot achieve their aim without commanding complicity by the human community and that is achieved by appealing to our ignorance, addictions and unresolved emotional trauma with their toxic solutions to their fabricated problems. That is why they are constantly creating events that are traumatic on large scales, to keep our emotions distorted and easily influenced by bad ideas.

3. The key to clarifying oneself is by always pushing toward the most fundamental form of primary data we can access. There are no perfect sources, other than Nature itself, and therefore sharpening the innate power of (and paying attention to) the principles of discernment is absolutely critical to pursuing a clarified Human Being and so, Community.

For a truly clarified human being cannot be controlled by, nor requires, any form of toxic authority.

Peter Ladetto

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