Anabolism vs Catabolism, the Ying Yang balance in the body

The body uses what you eat to create new tissue, or break down (or change ) existing tissue. You can began to.see through the process of ingestion and digestion that the body takes more complex compounds and elements and breaks them down into their simplest forms. Cells have very small pores that only allow simple structures to enter. Simple constituents become the catalyst of life creating action and reaction throughout your body and universe. This is true biological Transmutation, changing itself creating the new and destroying the old.
Alkalis create anabolism — the building, growing and creating aspect of life. This can’t take place without catabolism, the tearing down, breaking apart, destroying aspect of nature. This can’t take place without anabolism.
Alkalinity disperses, moves and cleans the body; whereas acids coagulate, form masses and stagnate the body. Alkalization is the key to regeneration. The more anionic you become the more acidic you become, causing acidosis. Acidosis causes malnutrition, inflammation, stone formation, pain , electrolyte depletion (dehydration), swelling, convulsions and death. Fruits are alkaline (cationic) solutions.

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