Free Mental Health Support in Spain

I always have a free clinic Monday morning for anyone that is struggling financially, so please get in touch to arrange a free session with me.

If you need further free assistance please scroll down for all the help numbers available here in Spain.

You are never alone, there is always support available.

Crisis or Urgent Mental Health Services
Samaritans in Spain: English-language helpline offering free support – available by calling 900 525 100 or online.
Suicide, crisis, and support line (El Teléfono de la Esperanza): call 902 500 002 or go online (Spanish only, however).

Alternatively, if your life is in immediate danger please call 112 (or 061 for an ambulance)

Drug and alcohol services in Spain
Anti-poison and drugs helpline: 915 620 420
Drug addiction support (Fundación de Ayuda contra la Drogadicción): 900 161 515 or online.
Alcoholics Anonymous: find English-speaking meetings in your area online.
Al-Anon: find English-speaking meetings online.
Narcotics Anonymous: call 952 858 522 or go online (Spanish only, however).

Children, family, and youth services in Spain
Support for single parents: call 622 795 542 or go online.
Report gender violence: call 016 or 900 116 016.
Child and teenage abuse: call 900 202 010 or visit ANAR (Spanish only, however).
Missing children: 116 000
Support for women: 900 580 888
Domestic violence and abuse (Mujeres Maltratadas): 900 100 009
Mum Abroad: information for English-speaking parents living in Spain available online.

Remember we are all part of a community of people, a variety of individuals who have all experienced good and bad things in life. Sometimes we all need extra support.

You can contact me in confidence on 634 35 48 92 or by email at

Best wishes, Tanya 🌺🌱😊

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