Biological Transmutation – the wonder of Nature

Biological transmutation of elements in all life forms.

If your diet contains silica, silicone or potassium and your diet is low in calcium, your body will make calcium.

Minerals are also complicated and it turns out that we may very well be able to produce some of these (Fe, Ca others) ourselves via biological transmutation..

Syntrophic microbiological associations, including sets of different strains that are in a symbiotic state, are more effective. These microorganisms are not in the form of a simple mechanical mixture. They coexist in a syntrophic association in such a state of joint symbiosis, when, in fact, they form a single macro-organism (although with separate systems of internal metabolism). In its scope, every member and every physiological group of the community is maximally adapted to the joint life activity and is in a state of collective mutual assistance and mutual protection. This system has a high degree of adaptation to various variations and ‘aggressive’ manifestations of the external environment“ – Vysotskii

Transmutation of elements is so common that it has actually changed the balance of minerals at the Earth’s surface to make it more habitable to life!

“In conclusion, we note that the biosphere is a nature forming and relief-forming factor in the evolution of the Earth as evidenced by the observation that it can be an isotope transforming factor that significantly changes the distribution and quantity of different elements and isotopes.” – Vysotskii

Just want to add some interesting facts. Weeds are involved in the same clean-up job as are the beneficial Bacteria within each of our Human Cells. These critters are made within ALL biological Cells to keep the Cell in prime condition to maintain Homeostasis. Because biological Life leaves a lot of spent residue in its everyday functioning, without the assistance of Bacteria, every creature on this planet would clog up in hours and cease functioning. Life on Earth cannot survive without Bacteria cleaning up the mess!—t-colin-campbell-phd.html

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