Biological Transmutation – there is no nutrient deficiencies

Thoughts on “Scurvy” There is no such thing as nutrient deficiency. Scurvy is just another toxemia/detox situation.

We don’t receive a spectrum of nutrients from food.

First of all there’s no such thing as a vitamin. It’s very much similar to the viral hoax in that the methods used to isolate vitamins (and proteins) are highly questionable science. They are basically chromatography tests on centrifuged liquid.

What we get from food is electric energy.

The body uses this energy to build and maintain itself.

We are our own alchemist.

This boils the measure of health in food down to 3 things.

Wholeness (energy) Metabolic tax, and Toxic Load.

For humans fruit is obviously a whole food, sustaining its natural living energy, it takes zero metabolic energy to digest and has zero natural load of toxin (industrial toxins side).

Veggies are close but are harder to digest.

Meat is not whole/fresh unless you eat a recently living animal, it’s terribly hard to digest and creates toxic byproduct in the digestion process.

Processed foods are clearly the worst.

In the classic case of scurvy we have living conditions on boats at that time which are highly toxic and unhealthy.

Not only were they eating meat but it had to be heavily salted. The water was limited and probably contaminated. Alcohol consumption. Terrible sleeping conditions which did not allow the body to heal and detox properly and a generally tough physical environment to spend a lot of time in that was hard on the body in that way too.

So the bodies of the sailors became highly acidic and toxemic, resulting in the damaged and dying cells expressing themselves as scurvy.

We know that fruit is the healthiest food for a human being to eat.

It satisfies all 3 food health requirements.

You could literally eat one fruit for your entire life and be healthy as can be in that respect.

When these sailors, or anyone suffering from toxemia, transition to a fruit based diet, their bodies began the process of healing and regeneration.

It could very well be the case that many of these sailors ran out of food and or water and were simply deteriorating due to lack of the electric energy the body uses to build and maintain itself.

Nature is never unnecessarily complicated.

The idea that biological life forms need to find various different “nutrients” from various different foods in order to develop certain parts of the body is not a good design for life.

While it’s true that animals who spend eons living in a certain ecosystemic niche (such as in our case a primate in the fruit rich, climaxed-arboreal rainforests of Africa) will develop a gastrointestinal system attuned more and more specifically to metabolize fruit, it’s obvious that not all fruits will be available all the time.

Over the course of generations specific fruit species come and go, migrate and return.

New species develop and some of them go extinct.

That would mean that certain nutrient specific fruits and vegetables would not always be available and so every local frugivore would suffer erosion of specific body parts unless they journeyed into unknown territories in search of these vitamins and such that they cannot even see.

It makes much more sense that any form of sweetened, ripe fruit would deliver the primary energy needed for the body to endogenously build and maintain itself as a whole.

The energy receive from food, even species inappropriate and other toxic food, is dispersed equally throughout the body.Thoughts on “Nutrient” specific Foods.

Energy is the only Vitamin.

Here are some links about methods the body uses to generate itself out of the energy we receive from proper food.

Thank you for the shotsoftruth website Jim O’Kelly Biological Transmutation – there is no nutrient deficiencies Biological Transmutation – there is no nutrient deficiencies

Just want to add some interesting facts. Weeds are involved in the same clean-up job as are the beneficial Bacteria and Viruses within each of our Human Cells. These critters are made within ALL biological Cells to keep the Cell in prime condition to maintain Homeostasis. Because biological Life leaves a lot of spent residue in its everyday functioning, without the assistance of Bacteria and Viruses, every creature on this planet would clog up in hours and cease functioning. Life on Earth cannot survive without Bacteria and Viruses cleaning up the mess!

Biological transmutation of elements in all life forms.

If your diet contains silica, silicone or potassium and your diet is low in calcium, your body will make calcium.

Vibrations of Foods—t-colin-campbell-phd.html

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