If you want to have good skin,
hydrate your body,
NOT your skin.

If you want good health,
make good food choices!

If you want better mental health,
surround yourself with people
who are better for your mind.

If you want to live longer,
stop watching television.

If you want to physically feel better,
physically get yourself in nature.

If you don’t want to feel so fatigued,
sleep more.

If you are empty inside,
fill yourself up with
the Heavenly Father!

Negotiating these natural rules,
cost us greatly. If not now, then later.

I know because when I didn’t
pay attention to any of it,
I was a fantastic patient
for the allopathic medical community!

Health isn’t something
you temporarily invest in!

Health isn’t just a “diet”
that you use for a season.

Health isn’t a “cleanse” or a
“detox” for a few days,
and then right back to old habits,
by claiming it’s “balance!”

Lifestyles must be altered
in order to break decade-old cycles.
Cycles that live in the genetic memory
of our cells, which are so boggled down
by the trauma, and the remembrance
and the chemicals, that they are slowly
dying before the body rightfully should.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight!

The problem is that society has
conditioned us to feel the need
to be in a fast motion all the time,
so it’s natural for us to want ALL results
to be fast and effective.

Healing is LAYERS upon layers.
Not just our layers either:
layers generations deep.

It’s not something that can be
gently brushed away from the surface.

Healing requires digging deep
within ourselves, which is often
exhausting and uncomfortable,
and defeating.

This is why it’s called the hero’s journey.
Because it takes incredible strength
and resilience to rescue ourselves.

The power is within ourselves.
The willpower, is also internal.

No one is coming to save us.
No doctor is coming to restore us.
No supplement is coming
to put us back together.

If we are broken, it’s for reason
and we have something very profound
to learn so that we can develop
the tools necessary to fix it!

You’re broken because
the vessel needs strengthening.


~ Heather Leeann

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